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Poll: Who is a better leader, Ruby Rose or Captain America or Aragon Elessar or Captain Kirk? (20 votes)

Ruby Rose 0%
Captain America 55%
Aragon Elessar 20%
James T. Kirk 25%
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Which iconic leader is better in terms of personality,deeds,speeches,strategies and leadership in their life

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No idea who Ruby Rose is...but for me Captain Kirk > Captain America > Aragorn

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Captain America isn't officially a leader, more of a team player and only occasionally takes the lead.

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for me its Kirk>Captain america>Ruby>aragorn

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Ruby is a terrible leader.

Why is she here?

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Aragon. Ruby shouldn't be on here, Kirk is pretty reckless, and Cap is likely second place considering his long standing status as the symbolic leader of the Avengers, as well as decades in a leadership role.

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Captain America

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Ruby isn’t good


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