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Poll: Who is a better character? 1# : Thanos or Darkseid? (177 votes)

Thanos 48%
Darkseid 47%
I really don't know 5%

Who has a better storyline, background,and who do you just like better?

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#2 Posted by mrmonster (15553 posts) - - Show Bio

I prefer Darkseid.

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#3 Posted by the_stegman (40235 posts) - - Show Bio

Darkseid, mostly cause of the mythology behind him.

And Omega Beams are some of the most unique, frightening power moves in comics.

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Going to give it to thanos but darkseid is so freaking BA it's hard to choose

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The Mad Titan

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Both are great, awesome, one of the ,mostr frightening Id say.

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Thanos. He's actually done stuff.

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Close, but Thanos

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Thanos. He's actually done stuff.

This but hes just a more enjoyable character to read about (by a mile)

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That is a really hard one but I will have to go with Darkseid I just prefer his presence and how he is portrayed. Thanos is still an awesome.

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Ok ok ok

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Thanos in my opinion.

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I like Darkseid better personally.

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Motivation: Darkseid for my money, because he has a plan and goal that actually makes sense to a villain. Darkseid wants to rule everything, making him more similar to Dr. Doom, whom I consider Marvel's greatest villain. While Thanos just wants to kill everything, putting him on the level of Doomsday.

Backstory: Thanos has a big handicap here since he is a clone of Darkseid without shame only married to Metron's science and everyone knows it. Within comics, what I have seen of it atleast, Thanos basically went off the rails during childhood because he was ugly. Darkseid has a more linear path where he first took out everyone between him and rulership of Apokolips, while any chance of him deviating from this path were removed by other events, thus railroading him towards being the rocky tyrant we know now.

Storylines: Tbh I think Thanos actually suffers from being a big a character as he is, because he has never really been able to appear anywhere without Marvel making a huge spectacle of it somehow. Either (or rather often) he is the main event of some kind, or he will pull off atleast one 'omg feat' along the way. Darkseid likely has more stupid stories... like just waiting for Oberon in his living room as if he was an old friend or getting depowered and mugged... but Darkseid has consistenly been troubling the main heroes of the DCU, like Superman, for decades while Thanos is often at the back end of the universe making a nuisance of himself for someone else.

Powers: I just like the fact I know what to expect from Darkseid. While Thanos just appears to have every power whenever he wants or needs them despite how irregularly he appears to use them otherwise. Plus Thanos is often out argumenting his powers with a trinket of somekind that makes him even more god-like in power, while Darkseid is on a similar quest for one such power, his Omega-Force powers make the Anti-Life equation seem like a cherry on top. Especially when Thanos often appears to loose his trinkets and the powers in rather dumb ways, Darkseid has only gotten his Anti-Life Equation a tiny handful of times (3 as far as I can remember; Rock of Ages, Final Crisis and Darkseid War), and in 2 of those he ruled the joint and one of them was an alternate timeline.

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I'm not as familiar with Darkseid outside of the DCAU.

But in terms of animation seeing him when I was growing up in the Superman Animated series/Justice League, the voice actor, his physical presence, and watching him nearly destroy Earth/Manhandle Superman really left an impact on me. I hadn't really seen a big bad in a show up until that point that carried himself like a God Emperor. The DCAU version is one of my favorite villains in Live action/animated media.

Going with him, nothing personal against Thanos but Darkseid really left a lasting impression from seeing him way back in the cartoon series growing up in the nineties.

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I prefer the Mad Titan.. but they both are AMAZING. I love His name, it means IMMORTAL. I love his look although Id say Darkseid has the better look currently.

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Thanos is a much better character then jobberseid

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I prefer Darkseid.

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Darkseid. Mainly because of Kirby and the New Gods mythology behind him. Honestly, the only Thanos story I've ever really cared about was INFINITY GAUNTLET.

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I think he's the better character because the creator of Thanos admitted that he wanted to rip off Metron so Thanos is a mixture of Metron & Darkseid so he's not as original as Darkseid...bottom line. Yeah both Thanos & Darkseid are well developed characters and are overall well done characters but at the end of the day Darkseid is more original. I'm sticking with Darkseid.

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I prefer the Mad Titan.

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Thanos, damn it's close i like it

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Thanos in a close one

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Darkseid bores the hell out of me so Thanos by default.

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Don't really know they're pretty much the same.

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Darkseid has better stories and character imo.

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Can't get closer than this!

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I don't like either of them. If I had to choose I would go Thanos because most of the Darkseid comics ive read have been incredibly boring.

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Neither one of them has been a good character in a very long time. Giffen's Thanos is more enjoyable than any version of Darkseid I have seen, though.

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Darkseid is just a much cooler version of a typical supervillain. He wants to rule everything. Thanos actually has an interesting story of being head over heels in love with death. He does everything to make her happy. Thanos is more badass also.

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@morpheus_: When do you think that they stopped being written as good characters?

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@thekinfing: Thanos was amusing to read in Thanos Imperative, but his character actually regressed comparatively to Annihilation. And that was the last time Thanos was written the way I would want him to be.

Darkseid has a good enough reason for the poor quality of his writing since DC rebooted with the N52, they've hardly written him as anything other than a cliche since then. I'd even argue N52 Darkseid doesn't have a single good story to his name. The last time anyone captured the tone and majesty of Darkseid's character was probably Morrison in Final Crisis. His speeches there were outstanding.

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@morpheus_: You didn't like the Thanos trilogy by Starlin?

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@jardinain2: Starlin is Thanos' creator and his contribution to the character is vital, but he should step down from writing him. He just can't do it anymore. Even at his peak, his Thanos centric stories were simply OK. Infinity Gauntlet/Crusade/Abyss are all incredibly dated. The End is an absolute rehash and I found nothing enjoyable in his more recent writing, either. He basically ignored everything that has happened in many years of continuity to conform with his own idea of anti-hero Thanos. He tried it once before (early 2000s) and it worked because he used to write Thanos more frequently, and other writers like Ron Marz or Giffen used Thanos with greater ambiguity. Now that Thanos is just a maniac that version doesn't work.

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Thanos for me.