Who are the 5 most powerful Marvel characters of all time?

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regardless of Pre-Retcon or Post-Retcon who are the top 5 most powerful characters of all time

not including TOAA

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Pre-retcon Beyonder, Fulcrum, Protege, HOTU Thanos

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Beyonder is up there. That's the only one I really know

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  • The Fulcrum
  • Classic Beyonder
  • Molecule Man
  • Protege
  • Living Tribunal (at prime)
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Living Tribunal


HOTU Thanos

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I'm not a Marvel fan, but even I know HOTU Thanos shouldn't be on this list. He is VASTLY overrated. Beyonder, Protege, and Fulcrum are the givens. The other 2 I can see being debated (but they're still > HOTU Thanos) anyways, @soratoumiga's list seems accurate enough.

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Pre Retcon Beyonder

PR Molecule Man

Living Tribunal


First Firmament (Maybe biased)

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pr beyonder

pr molecule man

living tribunal


616 thing

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One above all


Molecule man

Living tribunal

First Firmament

I made this list because these characters are have shown up in comics recently are more likely to show up more. Well, Oblivion hasn't been around in comics anyway lol.