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@realitywarper: My theory? I was describing your theory of implicit characters not existing.

E: Actually Jmarshmallow's.

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@bullpr said:

High Evolutionary is above Red but he should not be in the discussion if we stay on "Earth".

HE excluded, I agree with the list proposed by @Jmarshmallow.


Besides, HE isn't earth bound anymore. He's like a low level Galactus now.

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#53 Posted by Thanatic (918 posts) - - Show Bio

so it seems like most people are saying that the only definite top 2 are reed and doom

3rd,4th,5th etc. etc. can be anyone after that

is this true?

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Pretty much, and we have to stay in Earth or it gets complicated. Silver Surfer is omniscient. Anything High Evolutionary knows, he should know. What about Odin? Is he really dumber than Thanos? And the Beyonder? Living Tribunal? No feats means no intelligence and that's the end of it? The answer could very well be 1. Celestial A 2. Celestial B etc....

But on Earth, Doom and Reed, and then I've heard Pym the most for third. One guy most people overlook is Mccoy... his mutant power IS to be smarter than other people.

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Mister Fantastic, who seems to be an expert in every form of science ever known...

...Henry Pym, named Earth's "scientist supreme"...

...And Deadpool, who understands what the true nature of their existence is.

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Actually, y'know what? I change the first one to Dr. Doom. Doom found out the Skrulls were invading months before Reed did in EMH.

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#57 Posted by random_nerd (849 posts) - - Show Bio

doom then mr fantastic then i have no idea. maybe hank pym or mr tony stark

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Not counting the characters with superhuman intellects... probably reed, doom, and tony

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#59 Posted by MasterKungFu (20773 posts) - - Show Bio

apocalypse, leader, ultron

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Dr. Doom and Reed. Everyone else is pretty much just background noise.

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@thanatic: those of superhuman intellects or baseline intellects?

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#62 Posted by Harriso (632 posts) - - Show Bio

the leader could possibly be the smartest person on the planet, hes supposed to be as smart as the hulk is strong. But banner's intellect cannot be measured by any known earthly test. So 1.reed/banner/leader 2.doom 3.Stark/Pym

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Only on the planet Earth?

1. Reed Richards

2. DrDoom

3. Hank Pym

In the whole Marvel Universe?

There would probably be : High Evolutionary, Thanos and idk Galactus?

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Doom, Reed and Stark in that order.

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#65 Posted by SoA (6246 posts) - - Show Bio

dr doom , reed richards, tchalla/stark

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Hank Pym (called scientist supreme)



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Doom, Reed and Maker are top 3. Number 4 is Probably Nathaniel Richards and lets say Valeria is everywhere from number 1 to 5 by statements. Without Valeria, Well for number 5 I would say tied between T'Challa, Banner, Pym and Stark.

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Doom, Reed, Pym

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Reed and Thanos should be there for sure.

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1.Reed Richards/Dr.Doom/T'Challa

2.Tony Stark

3.Amadeus Cho/Peter Parker

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Doom, Reed, Tchalla, Hank Pym

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Doom is just as intelligent as Reed when it comes to science and technology, while also being one of the most powerful magic users on Marvel Earth. I'd say he edges out Reed for overall intelligence. Reed logically comes next. Then Hank Pym rounds out the top 3.

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