Which world would you rather live in, Cloverfield Pardox, the Thing or a Quiet Place?

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Which scifi horror world would you rather live in? (Imagine the shepherd particle accelerator has already fired and the thing has spread from the arctic to every continent)

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I'd rather kill myself.

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^ Suicide is never the answer.

A quiet place.

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CP Earth, definitely. Assuming we only get the giant monsters and not the other weird stuff going on in the Shepard, I prefer that to a worldwide invasion of the Thing or zero sound.

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A quiet place! Just hoard myself inside my man cave, seal the walls and doors with expanding foam and have a running source of water nearby to help drown out any more sounds in case I slip up. Get a few high quality headphones with the proper sound insulators so I can play Minecraft 4K graphics + shaders pack without any interruptions for the rest of my sad loner virgin life!

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Quiet place, a bunker would be perfect and you'd only have to be silent when you go up for foraging.