Which Superheroes Have the Best New Year's Eve Party?

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Superheroes spend most of their time doing heroic deeds. With the ability to do so many super things, you would think they must throw some super parties.  
As we all make our final preparations in saying goodbye to the year 2010, let's take a moment to think about the heroes and how they must spend their New Year's Eve. 
Heroes can't spend all their time crimefighting. I'm sure even the bad guys take some time to celebrate with their friends or henchmen. There are several loner-type heroes but at the same time, there are several teams that have become more like family.  
Then of course there are those crazy/wacky heroes that you know must throw epic parties.  
If you could get a magic invitation to celebrate New Year's Eve with any hero or team, who would be at the top of your list?  
== TEASER == 
I can't imagine someone like the Punisher or Cyclops would allow themselves to cut loose. Then again, you never know with some people. Sometimes it just requires the right setting.
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Obviously someone like Hercules knows how to throw a party. Even someone like Thor, who usually seems pretty stuffy, must have had some legendary celebrations. You may have heard of Drunk Hulk. While he may be entertaining to hang out with, you wouldn't want to be anywhere close or be the one hosting the party if he had too much to drink. 
It's not often we actually see New Year's Eve depicted in comic books. Christmas and Halloween are often seen (especially in high priced, oversized one-shots). Is the New Year's Eve celebrations the heroes partake in even more secret than their true identities? Perhaps someday we'll get to find out. 
Let's open up the discussion to who you think throws the best New Year's Eve party and who would be the most fun to hang out with. Heck, why not also throw in who would you want to invite to your own party?  
On behalf of everyone at Comic Vine and Whiskey Media, I'd like to wish you all a Happy and safe New Years.
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#1 Posted by batmanary (817 posts) - - Show Bio

Well clearly you know who has the best parties. The Defenders. They just have nothing else to do!

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Ha Ha!  This is a fun one.  I can't wait to see what everyone else says!   
Happy New Year to G-Man and the rest of the Comic Vine Staff and my fellow  Viners!
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I don't think that they should rest that night. It only has more chances for something truly bad to happen.

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Gotta be Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark.  Rich, technological and handsome (feels so wrong saying that).  Bound to have a lot of hot woman!  And for the ladies a lot of hot...wait, plan forming...ask them not to bring any other male besides you..then it's you and free picking of gorgeous woman!!!  UP TOP!!!

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Asgarians are supposed to hold great parties.
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I know it's not a NYE party but depending what your after the "heroes" in The Boys universe throw some "interesting" parties.
I guess just see the Herogasm mini.

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Punisher could be a top of my list. At least I heard Hercules was dead recently. What a pity.

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Thor no question Asguard is all about the beer halls, thou i imagine Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark could host quite a party to with their cash.

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How does the the Hulk even throw up? He's almost immortal... almost... 
Asgardians are supposed to have Valhalla when they die, but I guess that's really just weird since everyone practically has died once or twice. However, that's in the future and doesn't count. Didn't the Asgardian's invent whiskey and bear? Probably so.
Bruce Wayne throws the best party on the planet due to his wealth. He's a billionaire, Tony Stark is a millionaire. So his parties are second rate. 
The best party is when every hero just hangs out with one another. Ultimate party!
Happy New Year to the Staff at Comic Vine that keep everything in order, and also to everyone else! It's been a great year, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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I would have said Tony Stark would be the party master... but after seeing Herc with the giant keg on his shoulder, then Stark just doesn't stand a chance!  Tony will be sat in the 'dry' corner with Carol Danvers ;)

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Any party that includes seeing how fast The Flash can actually down beers would be good in my book. 

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Clearly, the Avengers.

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All of you really.

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  Tony Stark if returns to alcohol

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Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Deadpool and Hercules.  Epic party

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Sersi throws the best parties...she does it for a living after all. 
Although I bet the parties at the X-place with the X-men gets wild.
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I uploaded that The Big Bang Theory pic just yesterday!

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Howard the Duck?  

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Things look pretty nuts at his party.
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Doesn't Guy Gardener have a pub all the way out on Oa? I can't help but feel bringing in the New Year in the middle of Sector 0 would be the best way to do it!

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Here's some pics I ended up not using in the article. 

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@Hamz: I think he does own a bar on Earth, don't know about Oa.
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@G-Man: More proof that Herc throws a mean party ;)
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TaskMaster's avergers iniciative party all day ^^
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Mr.Mxy should Partying!

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Party at Aunt May's!!!!

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Happy New Year Comic Vine.
The best party for the true party animal is the one that takes place on a venue that can move through the time zones and keep ringing in the New Year over twenty times that evening.  No matter how posh a billionaire's party, it can't really get started in the light of day, has only one real high point, and starts to get lame the closer you get to dawn... a 20 plus hour globe-trotting time-traveling party would be beyond the average party-goer; if the Hulk can get blitzed in a 5 hour affair, what about four times that? 
Who could host that though?  Stark doesn't have access to a Helicarrier anymore, Rogers would never allow it and dodging anti-aircraft flak over hostile air space would be murder on any champagne towers, Asteroid M is soaking in the Bay and Ship is in the hands of Apocalypse (who's more about terminal endings than new beginnings, bummer)... the GLs would be awesome designated drivers but the relentless emerald color scheme might be a bit much (though taking the GLs out of the drinking pool might not be such a bad thing depending on what you think about their personalities). 
For the 20+ hour perpetual ultimate New Years party, the best party hub has to be the JLA Watchtower.  Brilliantly easy commute- League teleporters- means anyone and everyone can attend and not worry about designated driving.  The venue is mobile so you can have that genuine 20+ hour party in a perfect starry night without light pollution, staying on the sexy darkside of the planet Earth throughout the evening.  The Watchtower has long accommodated tourists and visitors, so it's not sterile and unfriendly- having gardens, galleys, and galleries... not to mention a spectacular view of the planet and the galaxy... you're in bloody space! 
As for who should be in attendance... that's tough.  The Marvel Universe is peppered with covert operative teams and psychics making the party an uncomfortable mix of people unwilling to drop their guards for fear of letting loose an Illuminati conspiracy, an X-Force objective, or Secret Avenger task.  So you have people milling about on eggshells unwilling to cut loose, having polite superficial conversations, and spending the night wondering if they're going to have to mind-wipe their friends before the night is done.  Those folks might have a better time at the Time in a Bottle (Knight and Squire #1)... for the DC elite, my Superman's fourth glass of milk or sparkling cider it loses some of its charm, likewise Batman's refusal to get blitzed.  Wonder Woman and Flash find themselves more or less unable to get drunk (immunities and metabolism in play) and the GLs... well, hopefully, "One punch!" doesn't become a theme for their evening. 
Drunken stupors aside, however, the comparative lack of secrecy and the amount of reunions in play would make the Leaguers a happier holiday... Bruce and Barry haven't properly made the rounds, Wonder Woman would be debuting all over again, Clark skipped from New Krypton to Grounded so here's a chance to reconnect, etc... all in all, the time for reconnecting and renewal seems better with the League (barring a few frustrating attempts at mentioning Max Lord)... and for those who can't handle the 20+ hour party, they're welcome to check in and out according to their local timezone. 
20+ hour legit evening venue in space, no need for designated drivers, casual check-in/out, warmer reunion atmosphere, the ultimate beer-runner Flash, ultimate DJ J'onn (imagine what a spin master could do with six arms and music-taste telepathy), ultimate bankroll with Bruce, and fewer drunk jerks than at a typical shindig!

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John Constantine's birthday party written by Ennis looked fun.  Where else can you see Swamp Thing, The Phantom Stranger and a stoned Zatanna 

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Tony Stark no contest.....

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@thecheckeredman said:
" Howard the Duck?  

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Things look pretty nuts at his party. "
Seriously the Asgardians, Sersi or Bruce/Tony.
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Well i would count Bruce out of having any party cause he won't. but i could see Tony stark falling off the wagon at his own party.

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stilt man

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For.. ASGARD!!

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I could see the New Avengers throwing a New Years party. Seriously, it wouldn't surprise me if that's what started off their January issue.

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Iron Man, he has money to buy anyhing.
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@arrowfan237 said:

" Iron Man, he has money to buy anyhing. "

Can't buy you happiness
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Have Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne pool resources and the whole WORLD could have a New Year's Celebration of mammoth proportions!  That's the way to do it.
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i'd rather spend my New Year's Eve on Themyscira/Paradise Island with all the hot Amazon women

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Honestly, I'd party with the Skrulls. They have an entire planet that's basically dedicated to Capone-era cosplaying. You wanna ring in the New Year at a speakeasy or  Roman orgy? They can make it happen. Just make sure you drink enough so that you don't think about the fact that the person you're making out with at midnight is really green and kinda looks like the bat from Ferngully.

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I thought this was about which comic characters had the best sales or rise in popularity or something, I was going to use this picture to show how these characters who were once D-listers are now (some) are very popular and on the Avengers and stuff:

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But this could also be seen as a picture of superheroes celebrating the New Year at a nightclub.
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It would have to be either the Secret Six or the Doom Patrol. I betcha Negative Man would have some groovy party tricks. 
But someone please keep an eye on Deadshot, no one wants him getting his celebratory "Shots" mixed up.

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Squirrel Girl.  Why  Because any time you ask a question of "Which hero would..." the immediate and correct response is always Squirrel Girl.  
Happy New Year's, everybody! 

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Marvel - Definitely  the X-men but only at the mansion I don't think a party at Utopia would be much fun.
DC - I would say Teen Titans but there is probably no alcohol allowed in the big 'T' so I would hang out with the Rogues! They hate the Flash, I hate the Flash there is no way that we would not get along :) all are welcomed but no speedster's, for their own safety of course 

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hellfire club will throw the best and most expensive party

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Id have to go with the Doctor with his Tardis.With all the planets,places in time and aliens he met would be awesome and we can also go back in time and re-live it.Or get A LOT of people in Tardis since that thing is bigger on the inside than the outside and there is even a pool in the librarie.
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 from marvel the new avengers or just hang with tony stark  he 's like p.diddy of the marvel universe always partying
DC- justice league and a full  plate of oreo for martian manhunter he would go nuts and probably ended up on youtube. 

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@Omega Ray Jay said:
" @arrowfan237 said:

" Iron Man, he has money to buy anyhing. "

Can't buy you happiness "

I'd like the opportunity to test that theory.
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 Guy Gardener would throw a good party 

Deadpool would probably have a pretty crazy party , then again Al would be nagging n stuff , wouldn't mind Tony Stark's party at Avengers tower , Tony provides the budget , Herc. provides  the finest wines in all of Olympus .
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Tony Stark does!
And Happy New Year <3

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Tony's sober now, but hey, doesn't mean he's not paying for the booze :D!!!