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This was the best way I could think of this question honestly. Most topics we've seen are favorite power, best powers, this or that power etc, etc but never saw one that asks this til now. So I figured what the hell.

You can list or discuss any power you wish. Of course anything can be used for devious means, but I would think the most IMO would be:

Telepathy: After reading the last issue of Flash, with a character named Psyche. Had me thinking, you could totally use this for so many devious means.

Invisibility: Watch Hollowman, nuff said lol.

X-Ray vision: Pretty obvious why I would think.

Telekinesis: Watch Chronicle, you'll see where I'm going with why.

Super Speed: Pretty easy to do lots of things immoral with this power.

Ok that's all I got for now, posts yours.

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Telepathy, no contest. That is the ultimate invasion of privacy and the most easily exploited.

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Telepathy. But I wouldn't care. Uh knowledge is power!!

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If you take a philosophically utilitarian approach to telepathy, so long as everyone you influence is made to feel happy, there is no ethical wrong. Maybe it's even morally obliged to paint smiles on people's souls.

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Good luck finding someone enough that would do that ^ ^ with TP lol.

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Any Psi power

X-ray vision...heh


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TP it’s very existence is slightly evil

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Telepathy is definitely a reasonable choice, but I think reality warping gets into a lot of issues in fiction.

Also, time manipulation, especially like Undertale's, gets pretty dark when it starts trivializing daily life and consequences.

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Besides telepathy, phasing and invisibility would be up there.

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TP no contest.

Next would be x-ray vision

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Reality Warping to a massive scale.

When you get powers like that you learn things and realise things that'd make a lot of aspects in your life like nothing.

You can now change reality to whatever you want to and find things out about the Universe that'll open your mind and detach yourself from humanity.

But because you'll never stop being human you now have the choice to stay on earth and become A Superhero, something that is now so insignificant in a massive universe or leave the planet and learn more. Among with a lot of other similar choices.

Such a power will make you question a lot of things and people including yourself and it'll be challenging to not detach yourself from humanity of you become so powerful.

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@arctika: Telepathy: After reading the last issue of Flash, with a character named Psyche. Had me thinking, you could totally use this for so many devious means.

I agree however, was that not clear before reading the comic :)

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@ad-arts: Of course, but it reminded me of which powers are messed up if you have lack of morals.

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Time Manipulation. Great for you, Can be catastrophic for others.

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Tp and reality warping

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Telepathy and Telekinesis.

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Telepathy, advanced Probability Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (you could topple governments economies with this), and Technopathy

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Telepathy and maybe precognition.

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None of them would be.

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remember Starfox of the Avengers?

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Time manipulation: for obvious reasons.

Reality warping: the argument above.

Resurrection: keep on coming back after death every time, seeing your friends and loved ones die..yeah.

Psychometry: to know everything of the object one you touch it...it wont end well.

Time travel: obvious reasons.

and more

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The power that the Purple Man had. Being able to make anyone do anything you want, even accidently, is a pretty hard thing to use in terms of morals. Even the simplest instruction is violating someone's free will.

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TP and invisibility are the top two.

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Telepathy, time travel, any kind of reality warping