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Which feat superior?

Superman's "infinite" speed feat...

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Wally West's "faster than instant teleportation" feat...

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The Flash feat, it's one of the most ridiculous feats he has, and that's saying a LOT.

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Superman traveled at instantaneous speed and Flash travelled faster then that.

Flash’s speed > Superman’s speed.

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I can powerwalk faster

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“No word exists to describe it”

That says it all.

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On the one hand, infinite speed means Supes couldn't be "looking around", because he would instantaneously be at the edge of the universe.

On the other, Flash's feat is contradicted in the same issue it happens, making no sense at all.

So, from two nonsensical feats, I'd say Flash's is more ridiculous, and thus the "better" feat by CV's standards.

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Superman's feat was instantaneous, wally's is faster than that.. I'll take the one that makes less sense.

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Both are equally nonsensical.

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I don't know; Which one is the strongest, the one who can punch through reality, or one that can transmute a stone into a cheeseburger (with full dressing) by hitting on it?

This is why the Silver Age needed to die.

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Superman feat is better

Only cause Wally speed feat only happened due to assistance from the people of earth. So basically wally by himself is never able to move that fast. He needed an amp or assistance to gain such a feat.

Superman however he did it naturally. So yes Pre Crisis Superman speed feat is much better