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Poll: Which Naruto Character is next for Jump Force, Madara or Sakura (16 votes)

Madara 81%
Sakura 19%

Kaguya, Kakashi, Gaara, And Boruto just got Confirmed today for Jump force. YonkoProductions Confirmed That boruto is his own series or more like Not part of the Naruto roster.

So Naruto Still has One more Slot, Which will it be Madara or Sakura?

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Sakura, they will want to complete the trio.

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#2 Posted by Smokak (616 posts) - - Show Bio

No way they aren't adding Madara

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Actually I'd rather get Gai or Lee. But they'll prolly go with full team 7 specially since there's only one girl and it's the villain.

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I’d rather have madara over Sakura, but tbh I wish we could get lee or guy.

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If they add Sakura I'm not buying it

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What’s Jump Force?

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What’s Jump Force?

An upcoming fighting game that will be featuring characters from mangas that have been featured the Weekly Shonen Jump anthology.

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Madara if its another Naruto character they're going to put in

But characters I want in there are Jotaro, Dio, Johnathan, and Dio. I would say Baki but he's not weekly shonen unforunately

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Hm this is a huge wild card but what if they put Pain in there if not than GAI i need the 8 gates

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It would be extremely odd if they add iconic villains like Aizen and Frieza yet leave Madara out. I'm really surprised Gaara got in though. If they add Madara I hope he's his Juubi Jinchuriki version, I wanna use Storm Release and Limbo.

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If they don't add Madara the game is a joke.

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Adding Sakura over Madara in Jump Force is like adding jellybeans over sprinkles on a cupcake.

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Idk. If Bleach does get Teach and Aiden like Db got cell and frieza, Madera still has a decent chance.