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Poll: Which Movie Do You Think Really Kicked Off The Superhero Hype? (66 votes)

Blade (1998) 5%
X-Men (2000) 21%
Spiderman (2002) 26%
The Dark Knight (2008) 14%
Iron Man (2008) 24%
The Avengers (2012) 36%
Batman (1989) 2%
Superman (1978) 6%

imo it was the Dark Knight

that was the first superhero movie to really get respect & widespread praise on a massive scale

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Catwoman (2004)

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Spiderman 2

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X men start it

Im and dark Knight is where superhero movies goes to next level

Avengers 1 was the final stroke

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I say Iron Man. It seemed to kick start one of the most known cbm studios (MCU.)

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I think that The Avengers is what made the genre what it is today. But it does owe a lot to what came before it.

  • Superman (1978) and Batman (1989) proved superhero movies could work
  • X-Men (2000) and Spider-Man (2002) proved superhero movies not starring Batman and Superman could work.
  • The Dark Knight proved superhero movies could be all around great movies.
  • And finally, The Avengers proved just how popular they could be.
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imo it was Spider-man. That movie was a big deal and absolutely smashed all sorts of records. If you are like 20 or younger though you'll prob say something more recent. It was the success of Blade, X-Men and Spider-man which convinced Marvel to go all in on their own movie studio though. Batman(1989) was big too but it didn't really lead to anything besides more Batman movies which weren't very good.

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Probably Avengers.

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Definitely Avengers.

TDK definitely helped people take CBMS more seriously, but it's not until Avengers that everyone fell in love with them.

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Three different movies with differing effects.

Spider-Man (along with X-Men) pioneered and opened up the new generation of superhero movies for the 21st Century, popularizing Marvel's poster boy.

The Dark Knight showed a film quality in a superhero movie like never before, showing that CBMs can be Oscar worthy and taken seriously.

The Avengers truly turned CBMs into a worldwide phenomenon and the new movie trend and paved the way for box office domination.

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In regards to what flatout started it, Blade

In regards to what helped kick it into maximum overdrive, TDK and The Avengers

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The Dark Knight made CBMs commercially and critically relevant.

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Iron Man. It started the current MCU.

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Spider-man 2002. When it did gang busters at the BO during its time, that's when the foundation of the cbm explosion started. Unlike the movies before it like Burton's Batman or the first X-Men, it finally felt like a comic book translated directly and fully realized on screen with a blockbuster size budget. Pretty much the equivalent to what u get with Mcu movies today.

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Spider man and the dark knight.

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Avengers and iron man

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Spider-Man. It was basically the Avengers of its time.

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Blade was like Hollywood’s discovery of a comic character not named Batman or Superman that could be translated to the big screen, but they kept it on the low and gave it horror elements.

XMEN was like Hollywood realizing; okay Blade came out good, we got something here, let’s push the envelope a little further and adapt some characters that are a little more well known. Still tho, Hollywood didn’t get too crazy because they weren’t really sure yet, so they didn’t make the XMEN too colorful or over-the-top and grounded it in a bit of realism.

By the time Raimi’s Spider-Man hit, technology had caught up and Hollywood was completely sold on the comicbook movie as a buyable genre after watching XMEN blow up. They went full throttle with the bright colors and dug into the comicbook fantasy lore...and rest is history.

All three of these films are equally responsible for birthing the modern day cbm as we know it imho

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The genre took over Hollywood after Avengers though.

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X-Men was the first to make Hollywood realize that they could make money by taking the source material serious. That there is an audience who wants a more realistic approach to comic book movies featuring established characters. The film studios had already had some success with unknown characters like MIB, The Mask and The Crow. Once they understood there was real money to be made with known heroes they were all in. The first Avengers, however, was the first to elevate CBM’s from being successful action movies into a cultural phenomenon.

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Xmen TAS

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Spiderman was the first superhero film done really well imo.

Avengers was the first superhero film that showed us that a shared universe can work.

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The Avengers.

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The Avengers.

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The Avengers. And The Dark Knight for darker/serious superhero films

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The Batman (1966). You're more of a hero than all these CB characters combined if you made it through that 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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@mrmonster: came to write x-men 2000, but your analysis is better.

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Raimi Spider-Man , The Dark Knight and The Avengers

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Raimi Spider-Man , The Dark Knight and The Avengers

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It was X-Men 1 and 2 along with Spider-Man. Marvel's most prosperous franchises and beloved characters

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Probably Avengers.Everybody was hyped for AOU. but it was mediocre. then there was an infinity war. the hype was HUGE. Infinity War deserved the hype because it was awesome. but still, in my opinion, the best Avengers movie is the 1st one.

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Spider-Man was the one that did it for me but I think The Dark Knight did it for everyone else.

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There were good CBMs before X-Men (2000). And there was a bad period of superhero movies between 2003 and 2007. It was a premature attempt at the renaissance that failed.

Today, everything is known as pre-Iron Man and post-Iron Man. The success % substantially jumps after that movie was released. Some movies pre-IM were epic, SM2 and BB... but they were buried in a sea of disappointment.

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Without Blade, Spiderman 1, or the first Xmen film proving to be financial successes and quashing the rumors that Superhero films couldn’t be successful, there’d have never been a road for the MCU.

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X-Men and Spidey really set it off.