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Poll: Which Game has the better score (28 votes)

Spider-Man 50%
Batman Arkham City 46%
Results 4%

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Both great.

But Spider-Man imo.

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Spider-Man has a better theme.

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Spidey. The score is never really something that stood out to me in any of the Arkham games.

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@renchamp: it’s not even old

And it’s still pretty relevant

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@saberscar223: It's only relevant if others are commenting on it. If you have to constantly bump your own thread then maybe it just isn't grabbing attention like you'd like.

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@saberscar223: Further, the result is you basically spam the front page of the forum with a thread very few users are interested in. That's space that could showcase another more well-received thread.

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Arkham city though Arkham Origins have the best OST among all of arkham games.