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Posted by IceDemonKing (9998 posts) 2 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Which Fight was better (Anime Versions): Naruto vs Sasuke (War Arc/Final Fight) or Goku vs Vegeta (Buu Saga) (54 votes)

Naruto vs Sasuke (Final Fight) 56%
Goku vs Vegeta (Buu Saga) 30%
Neither are really my cup of tea 15%

Which of these (Anime versions) fights do you like more?

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Naruto vs Sasuke felt more emotionally investing rather than Vegeta bitching about his pride yet again and Goku having to film him because he felt obligated to, there's also the part at the end of N v S when they're exhausted and still going, plus I like seeing the variety of abilities

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VOTE2 was more disappointing due to the massive hype and near eternal wait for it to take place. Manga VOTE 2 was abysmal. In hindsight, there was nothing spectacular about VOTE1, now that my emotions towards the series have lessened and i have no "hype glasses" to speak of.

I've never been impressed with Vegeta vs. Goku fights, but I really enjoyed Vegeta's character development through the Buu Saga and everything that led up to it (the fight and the sacrifice).

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I like Goku and vegeta better, I waited so long for the Naruto Sasuke rematch and I feel like it didn't live up to its hype in my eyes it should of been a lot more epic and grander in scale.

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bump maggots

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Goku and Vegeta because it showed once again Vegeta was better than Goku

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Naruto vs Sasuke's anime version really redeemed it's manga counterpart. It really surpassed any expectations I had for an anime adaptation, the animation quality, soundtracks, perfect use of flashbacks for once and even filler was done really well. And it managed to revive and capture the emotional investment in the clash a lot better. Ending to both fights was slightly underwhelming, torn between having sasuke conceding and vegeta sucker punching.

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@skrskr: hm, goku vs vegeta 2 was nowhere near close to the scale it should have been either though.

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Naruto vs Sasuke was better in every way imo.

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Naruto vs Sasuke.

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Naruto vs Sasuke, even though Naruto fought like a moron and just spammed his clone just with no strategy. But the art and animation was top-notch.

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I didn't like either frankly. Goku vs Vegeta could have been longer, but then again it was a really stupid time to have a fight.

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@hypnos0929: How did it show Vegeta was better than Goku?

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Anime: Naruto and Sasuke

Manga: Goku and Vegeta.

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@oogienj You're a big Naruto fan. Thoughts?

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@tvc-15: Goku and Vegeta's fight in the manga was terrible. It had terrible art and lasted for about five pages. I don't read Naruto, but I have a hard time believing his and Sasuke'a final battle could have been worse than that.

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woah they're actually tied

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Both are epic but Naruto vs Sasuke is slightly closer to my hearth.

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The Gintoki vs Takasugi fight was much better than both.

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Oh yes. Naruto's destructo disc really was the finishing move against Sora.

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Naruto vs Sasuke was far and above better than Goku vs Vegeta. There are a bunch of little details in the anime version which make it much more satisfying to watch (Sasuke going out of his way to repeatedly not allow Naruto to make a shadow clone hand sign during the Taijutsu near the start, for example).

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I haven't watched either, but Naruto is such an amazing show, wouldn't you agree?

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Both fights aren't great, but the studio really went all out with Naruto v Sasuke and it did bring back good memories of all they've been through up to this point, even if the fight itself paled in comparison to the first time they fought. So I pick that.

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This was unexpected

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Naruto looks like they stole their final fight scene straight from s-Cry-ed.

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@just_banter: Also, the building escalation. Neither spoke at first, then used only taijutsu, then amping up gradually. The cuts between their other fights when they were younger.

The Naruto v Sasuke fight is way above the DBZ one, imo

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Goku vs. Vegeta.

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#27 Posted by IceDemonKing (9998 posts) - - Show Bio


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Goku vs Vegeta

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Imagine that...

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goku vs vegeta edges it out. i think it had faster better action, better pacing and better resolution. and ironically it is the leg that naruto vs sasuke was standing on anyway.

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Honestly only way you could say the Goku/Vegeta fight was superior was because of the events that happened afterwards. We see Vegeta isn't really a slave and has been pushed to an awakening.....and in that awakening he realizes he's part of something greater and eventually gave his life for its success. It's nothing more admirable than a man fighting and dying for his own unselfish resolve. On the other hand the fight was rushed, toriyama again took a dump on Vegeta for whatever reason, and 'majin' vegeta was basically pointless.

Vote2 was garbage IMO, both anime and manga left out too much that needed to be seen, Naruto didn't do anything spectacular the entire fight, crazy amounts of WiS, nothing too emotionally investing etc.....however vote 1 was a completely different demon that was quite possibly one of the best turning points in anime/Manga history. Narutos awakening was Easily one of the most memorable in anime history,I'll always remember that cutscene where Sasuke impales Naruto for it only to go to a commercial break thinking we've lost him.....5minutes later Naruto patches a fu*king hole in his body and a vision of a fox shakes the freakin heavens, it blew my mind as a kid.

Nothing is more epic than Goku going gold for the first time though, and if you played the original budokai on ps2 you would know why.

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Goku vs Vegeta wasn’t that good

Naruto vs Sasuke was better but still just as disappointing in the manga

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Naruto vs Sasuke sucked. Maybe not because the coregraphy and action was too bad but because the plot was trash and just massively disappointing.

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Both DB and Naruto have bad plots. Vegeta going failing to go SSJ2 after 7 years of training but only after he's controlled by babidi is stupid and only happened for plot.