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While in a weakened state, Krauser crushes and twists a thick steel beam in his grip then tears it in half before throwing with enough force to cause the concrete ground to explode, sending chunks of the ground flying.

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Krauser can casually move faster than the eye can see while covering large distances in an instant, and dodges point blank bullets after they're fired off as a counterattack in the middle of combat.

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Casually back flips 30 ft high into the air.

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Shows off his agility and acrobatics while dodging gun fire.

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Durability/Healing factor

Krauser survives getting shot, stabbed and slashed so many times a large chunk of his chest is destroyed and his heart literally explodes inside his chest, then he gets caught in an explosion powerful enough to destroy two stone towers. He's still alive.

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Krauser can turn his arm into a giant blade which can convert into a shield made of organic metal stated strong enough to block and deflect missiles.

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Using his mutated arm, Krauser dashes through super tough, bullet resistant ganados with enough force to explode their entire bodies like water balloons.

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Personally, I'd put him on par with 616 Sabretooth and Luther Strode.

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Super Street from what is here. Around Strode seems fair, probably lower.

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Bob, Agent of Hydra

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1 Tier above Super Soldiers like Captain America, Deathstroke & Black Panther.

I think Blade would be a fair comparison.

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Luther Strode level

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@a_marques: Wow, this is a great respect thread for Krauser lol. I'm using all these gifs.