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I was wondering what everybody thinks of the host of problems we have seen in the DCnU as of late? There seems to be a lot popping up and many have hampered the success of some books, for instance Grifter has had 5 editors in the space of 16 issues, some editors changed half way through issues. Also there was the whole "Yes he is Robin/No he's not" thing with Tim Drake and the "Yes they did exist/no they didn't" thing with the Teen Titans. Even some writers over at DC have voiced there unhappiness with Editorial shown with the firing and then rehiring of Gail Simon and the whole debacle with Static Shock, not to mention Rob Liefeld (I know, I know) and the problems  Giffen and Perez had over at Superman and a whole host of other comics that have been suffered like Voodoo, Stormwatch, Hawkman and Green Arrow.