What Would You Change About Endgame?

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What would you change about Avengers Endgame if you could change anything?

Let’s say you are Kevin Feige and you have the power to change anything about the movie before it gets released. What would you change? Professor Hulk? Fat Thor? Tony’s death? Anything.

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  • See more of the Snap-affected world.
  • Make it more cohesive tone-wise.
  • Tone down the comedic parts.
  • Would take Thor's PTSD issue more seriously.
  • Make the whole time travel make more sense.

Can't think of anything else right now.

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  • Less of a time jump. I feel like five years was unnecessarily long, I feel like just one year would've been better.
  • A much shorter time-travel sequence. I'd have completely cut the jump to the 80's military base. Not only did it do very little for the plot, but it took away any sense of danger in this part of the story because we find out that them running out of Pym Particles was actually never a big deal. Plus, I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't be Iron Man's first stop instead of his last. Seriously, if he knew of a place where he could get more Pym Particles why didn't he go there from the beginning? Long story short, I'd cut the entire 80s subplot.
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I would've treated Thor's PTSD more seriously. I would have toned down the humor and made Thanos alot more badass to compensate for his decrease in screen time.

I would have had Hulk join Cap, IM and Thor versus Thanos to give him a rematch as well as have a more epic fight.

I would have had the black order put up a much better fight as well.

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I'd cut Time Travel entirely. I just don't find it satisfying as a solution(even if it had some good moments) and rather they came up with something else.

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Not too much, but I think I would make smart-Hulk less like Banner, more his own personality distinct from both Banner and savage Hulk.

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- I'd make base Thanos more powerful (at least Cap wouldn't broke his helmet and Carol wouldn't completely no-sell his headbutt).

- No female team-up scene - it felt completely forced.

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I would've shown Banner becoming one with Hulk.

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  • Have the Avengers actually earn the Infinity Gauntlet, even fight Thanos on Xandar for the IG+Power Stone double win but they lose somebody. More action and makes the film more satisfying as the Avengers’ win feels more deserved.
  • Show Hulk‘s character development throughout the film - they had many plot threads with the Mind and Soul Stones affecting him plus Natasha’s death but nope. It’s actually amusing seeing how they neglected the Hulk personality and just focused entirely on Banner, the Ancient One scene especially highlighted this.
  • Tone down the comedy with Thor and make him relevant...I never took him seriously and I was always laughing at him. Have him actually DO something?? Like he was so irrelevant.
  • Make the films themes and tones more consistent and cohesive. Like they were supposed to learn from Thanos and “whatever it takes“ was their motto but I didn’t really feel it and the Freedom/Choice themes the Russo’s chose didn't make sense with many things. Some character arcs and moments were forced due to these themes where they even ignored much character development..You don’t force the themes on the characters for the themes own sake.
  • Make the movie more somber and intense throughout. I remember seeing the Screenwriters say the movie will be somber and the Avengers will lose alot to win but instead I was laughing and feeling they were kinda incompetent at times. Their win wasn‘t deserved and Starks death was just “umm ok?” when I watched it...it’s something that just happens and the movie has many “oh this just happens man” moments.
  • The final battle....I didn’t enjoy it that much and tbh I like the Battles of Titan, Wakanda and New York alot more. There was just no strategy, just some chaotic free for all action that felt amateurish from Thanos. It‘s supposed to recreate the chaotic action during huge comic wars but like nobody really likes those?

Have some other issues like Captain Marvel but these are my main problems. Endgames pretty meh IMO, like 6.5 and 6th worst MCU movie. I liked the comedy bits ironically and I enjoyed the Avengers Assemble moment, that’s about it.

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I would give Thor a redeeming battle moment in the final battle. His talk with his mom was great but unlike cap and Tony he didn't get an epic moment. Would have loved for him to save rocket or someone from Thanos with like a slo mo lightning blast

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What I would change is the fact it was made in the first place.

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Shockwaves from their punches

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-Take out the time travel element. Instead, replace it for dimension hopping. Would make things less convoluted and open the MCU to multiverses.

-Show more of how the snap affected the universe.

-Have hulk go rage mode on the final battle

-Have Thanos use the infinity gauntlet for most of the final fight but minus some of the stones (time and reality) to show off his full capabilities when going full killing mode

-Have Thanos and capt marvel duke it out and show carol actually struggling and getting decimated. This would help in establishing limits to her character and set her up for future films to contemplate that there are beings out there she can't beat outright.

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Show a weakened thanos giving a huge fight in the first part

Show more of a snap affected world

Give thanos energy blast

Have Thor do the snap

Have all the main avengers fighting thanos

Show Natasha's funeral

Thanos completely decimating marvel

Give more feats to cap with mjolnr

And Tony's death I would have shown the bow . Everyone bowing to him

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I would change the build up to Black Widows sacrifice, because it didn’t have that big an impact on me. Even now she seems almost forgotten.

I would pretty much change all of what they did with the Hulk, they ripped the soul out of him and created a new character which I do not buy into. The Russos deserve a slap for that. No need to spring board Thanos off the back of this character, he should have been there tearing chunks out of the walking ball sack.

A lot of Thor fans were let down...

Finally - never end a film with a funeral.

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Add more fight scenes, have Hulk vs Thanos again and keep Chris Evans as Cap

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@boby501: out of possibly anything to change such as the story or plot choices, shockwaves is the one thing you would change? out of the entire movie. just shockwaves?

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It was a 7/10 at best,

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more battles and fights remove the crying and drama.

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I'll have Iron Man use the Gauntlet to turn back time.

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I'd cancel the movie and the MCU. All ends with Infinity War. You're welcome.

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No Capt Marvel. Hulk has a solo fight scene instead. Still loses. Thor is depressed but not a fat sloppy cry baby. That scene with his mom could have been really good but they ruined it with his child like sobbing.