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What is the strongest animal that you can think of that an average human male can defeat/kill in 1v1 combat without a weapon? Assume both sides are bloodlusted. The Human is running adrenaline

And please be realistic. Don't just say "an ant" or something like that

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Someone from the dog family.

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Mountain lion a man literally choked one to death recently while receiving major but non life threatening wounds.

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it honestly all depends on the situation. humans are incredibly smart creatures and tend to nearly every time find a weakspot on a animal. but if its just a head on attack, a mountain lion. like the guy above said.

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@tetsukage: wasn't that not a full grown mountain lion? I read that story too and it's insane but I can't remember if it was full grown

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An average man or peak human? Because with composite feats I see humans besting lions and tigers with some skill and smart maneuvering.

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A bear.

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The mountain lion story was obviously an extraordinary event. It means it’s POSSIBLE for a human to beat a mountain lion, but that’s not going to consistently happen. On a power scale chart, mountain lions are almost certainly stronger then humans.

If we’re looking for something consistent, then humans don’t even clear the dog family. On average we stop hard at pit bulls and rottweilers. Any other feats are inconsistent.

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Yeah. That instance of a mountain lion losing to an injured man is clearly a low showing for the mountain lion. Shouldn't be counted. Lowballers.

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@rbt: the man got lucky it was a base Lion only weighing in at 80lbs.

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Carnivore: A wolf.

Herbivore: A deer.

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@richubs said:

Someone from the dog family.

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A blue whale. Just make sure the battle happens on land.

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@dogzee: not going to beat a wolf, they are 2-3 times larger than dogs.

In terms of a Predator, a single dog.

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Gator or Croc.

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There's no limit