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Name some of the best fight scenes you've ever read from Marvel or DC

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Spider-Man vs Morlun fights were good and had a lot of emotional depth.

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I always loved how Claremont approached superpowered battles in Uncanny X-men. Even his DEMs were subtle and creative.

From more modern comics gotta highlight Thors vs. Gorr and Superman vs. Doomsday in Doomed. Both had good writeup and amazing art. Depowered Magneto in first issues of his solo was quite impressive too. I think I have all of the fights uploaded and they are in my images history. But I'm too lazy to find them.

Just from the top of my head.

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Amazing Spider-Man 122 - Spidey V Green Goblin

Uncanny X-Men 136 - Dark Phoenix V X-Men

Daredevil 181 - Elektra V Bullseye

Amazing Spider-Man 230 - Spidey V Juggernaut

Thor 338 - Thor V Beta Ray Bill

Thor 353 - Thor, Loki and Odin V Surtur

Flash (V2) 79 - Flash V Professor Zoom

Amazing Spider-Man (V2) 35 - Spidey V Morlun

Wonder Woman (V2) 210 - WW V Medousa

Daredevil (V3) 25 - Daredevil V Ikari

^ These are some cool ones.

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And many more!!