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Is it top tier?

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High-mid tier.

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Well lets look at striking.

Mark III

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I'd say low-mid tier. Enough to send that guy flying easily but we don't see anything much more impressive than this that I can remember.



Hulk Buster

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Definitely high-mid tier. This is one of the best striking feats in the entire MCU. The force from that punch shakes cars and shatters glass in a massive radius.



Bleeding Edge

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Honestly probably high tier. This suit hit hard enough to make Thanos bleed, which is extremely impressive when you consider the massive structure Tony slammed on him didn't leave a scratch.

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Bleeding edge and Hulkbuster have high tier level striking.

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Does Tony have any good feats at all besides drawing 1 drop of blood from Thanos cheek?

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Marks 3-7, 43 and 45 and 50: Solid high-mid tier striking. Staggering Thor and superheating tank armour while shredding it.

46: Sub SS level striking and strength. Overpowered and out punched by Buck and Cap.

50 with battering rams, Mark 44 (AoU Hulkbuster): High tier striking. If low end.

I don't count making Thanos bleed as a striking feat because it was accomplished with a point blank repulsors cluster blast. Not actual strength or striking.