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Lately i see a lot of trolls, insults and flame wars going on especially in the anime community. And mostly those are new viners or old banned viners coming back to continue what they started. I have a few questions about that:

- Why isn't there anything going on to stop that?

- Have the rules changed? Or how can all this slip through all the time?

- Is there a way to avoid those users getting in here over and over again?

I am in here for 2 years now active and 3-4 years as someone who just watched without account. And it was never this bad. And it is getting worse and worse. And what i can see is that back then most ppl flagged and/or the admins took some actions against these people. Is there any reason this stopped?

EDIT: The reason i ask these things is not because i want to offend the staff or any viners but because i like this site a lot and i see that this matter affects the community in a bad way.

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So this will get ignored just like the problem itself huh?

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Let's start a REVOLUTION

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CV is devolving.