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Poll: What if Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth swaped Thor and Aquaman rolel ? (14 votes)

Chris would fit better to Aquaman and Jason vice versa 29%
It would be worse 71%

Imagine Jason starts with Thor in 2010 and Chris with Aquaman in 2017

Judging from theit body build, personality, voice, characteristic traits would they be greater after swaping roles ?

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Hemsworth could probably be a better Aquaman but I dont see Momoa being able to pull off Thor especially in those super serious first 2 Thor films and in IW

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They'd both do fine, but I don't think either would be better than the other. I think they're both perfect in their current roles.

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They'd be okay, but the role belongs to them now so no.

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If DCEU continue with their edgy take of characters, they may play up Aquaman's angst against the surface world. I think Momoa can play an angry / aggressive character better. Meanwhile, Hemsworth comes across as friendlier and easier going. Making his Thor more likable.

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Mamoa was always quite slim and I don't know how bulky he has gotten. Just dye the hair appropriately and to role goes to the bulkier man.

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I think they can fit in each other shoes quite nicely if u ask me

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Both have what it takes to play both roles, so it would be ok either way.