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Name something you did like about Waid's Daredevil run, and then something you didn't like from it.

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Mark Waid's run was refreshing. It was kind of reminiscent of the Stan Lee/John Romita Sr run, which I also enjoyed. It was cool to see Daredevil fighting super villians again. The story arcs were all solid.

On the negative side, I didn't like how Waid turned Matt's secret identity into a joke. Everyone suddenly became positive that he was Daredevil. It felt like after it was revealed that Matt was framed for being Daredevil in Brubaker's run, they should of been past the point of paparazzi. His wardrobe change in San Francisco looked ridiculous. I also didn't like the way that he had Matt out himself as Daredevil.

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Wade's run was fun. I liked that the cross over with Punisher and Spider-man didn't feel forced. I really liked Agence Byzantine.

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I think it was appropriate that after all the crab Matt had gone through that he was allowed this more fun run. But even thought the tone was not as dark, it still had dark elements in it, like Matt being in denial about how messed up he is, Bullseye's revenge scheme(with a clever reference to Miller's run) and Foggy getting cancer.

I agree with invainthat Matt's identity being outed could have been handled better, but I get what Waid's idea was with it, that it was yesterday's scandal and had become a somewhat joke to the public who now was much more friendly toward the hero community after Cap had declared the beginning of the Heroic Age. I think it could have been handled better though.

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One of my favorites, I liked both the seriousness of the topics handled and still finding time for comic-relief of sorts. Sometimes, Miller's run, which is still my favorite, felt a bit "weighty". That said, some say that Waid's Matt Murdock wasn't "in character" and I totally get that. It's almost like he was trying to make a Spider-Man/Daredevil mix. I personally liked how he used some old, often seen as lame villains and utilized what they could do. Like Spot and Stiltman. However, I can hear some older readers going "Stiltman...wtf is is this?"