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Pointless action drivel that went downhill after the first film

They're milking the hell out of this franchise

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the trailer with the girl talking was dumb.

"yeah I fight like a girl"

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I officially gave up after the third film, but looking back the only one I actually enjoyed was the first.

So yeah, not seeing this. I do find the fact that Optimus Prime is now gonna be hanging out with King Arthur and Nazis in the same film pretty hilarious though.

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Steaming pile of feces cash grab that I will probably watch anyway.

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I don't.

Seriously though, it looks like the Transformers are even more of an afterthought then the other ones.

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Enjoyed the first 3 didn't really think AoE was that great but this one it looks like even less focus on Transformers

Literally the last trailer had hardly any Transformers in just that girl did you guys know there's a girl in the film cause I don't think she told you she's a girl and she's not afraid because she's a girl and is gonna fight like a girl and do everything like a girl because girl girl girl girl etc

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I haven't even finished the third one lol

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I wasn't sure if the last trailer was for a movie or an ad for Nikes. This thing looks like hot garbage. At this point I'd rather see the Power Rangers movie and that's not saying much. Still, if by chance she broke the fourth wall and talked to the audience throughout the movie, I would be down with that for the spectacle if nothing else.

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I like the weapon designs. I liked the new trailer, too. From what I've heard the series could use a reboot, though.

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I think I haven't seen it yet.