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I just realized I am unable to articulate what it means by a likable fictional character.

The MCU gets praised and the current DCEU minus Wonder Woman gets lambasted in huge part because the characters differ in terms of likability.

What do you mean by likable? The character is well established with a backstory? Have a personality? Is portrayed as a good person (then what about "likable villains")? Or what?

Do explain why, thanks.

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because it's likeable, duh

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It means I enjoy spending my time watching that character. If I don't, they're not likable.

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Its mostly due to character development that a character becomes likeable.

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They make me want to look up rule 34 fan fiction.

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The MCU character I find the most likable is Scott Lang. He’s funny and immature, plus he’s kind of a screw up who’s trying to get back on the right path (so he’s way more down to earth than other heroes). He’s a nice guy who cares about his friends and family.

Honestly, this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think most of the Avengers and other MCU heroes are that likable. Ant-Man, Cap and Spider-Man are the only ones I’d hang out with in real life.

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When I find them interesting.

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@helloman said:

It means I enjoy spending my time watching that character. If I don't, they're not likeable.

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