What characters in the MCU can defeat Captain Marvel?

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Thanos? Strange? Son of Odin? Wanda? Someone else?

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Scarlet Witch and Dr Strange if they attack her first

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thanos with armor and sword, maybe strange if he can lock her in the mirror dimension, prime Thor has a 50/50 shot, ego, surtur, hela, dormammu...

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@phillip33: Ego don't have a chance in my opinion Carol will simply bulldoze to his core and destroy it. Even Thor can kill him

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Yep that’s about what I would say to

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IG Thanos.

Prime Thor (Fat Thor, though powerful, was fighting well below his usual capabilities).



Dr Strange.

Non-jobbing Scarlet Witch.

Ant-Man (Thanus technique ftw).


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Prime Thor, a non-jobbing Ego, Prime Surtur, Hela, Doctor Strange, IG Thanos and Dormammu.

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Thor, Thanos, Hela, Dr. Strange and anyone above them like Surtur obviously.

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Hela I can’t think of anyone below her that would consistently win

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Scarlet Witch if she doesn’t get hit, same for Strange

Not Thor, he doesn't have the hax Wanda and Strange have, and he would likely try to out muscle her

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All of them

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Dormammu, IG Thanos.

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Thanos, Dormammu, Ego, Empowered Starlord, Eson (Power Stone) Surtur, Wanda, Hela, Graviton, Ronan (Power Stone) and possibly/maybe Composite Thor, Doctor Strange and the Ancient One. And depending on how you interpret statements, Odin as well.

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No way Thanos can beat her unless he has a stone or the Gauntlet. Scarlett Witch is WAYYY too much of a glass cannon to be taken seriously. It doesnt take much to knock her off her game.

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Thanos with the gauntlet, Dormammu and Surtur.

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Prime Thor Dormammu Dr Strange Surtur Odin Ancient One and maybe Ego

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Dr. Strange saw 14000000 endings. Thanos won them all. Captain Marvel was in some of those. Even looking at the fight he used one hand and was being slightly overpowered. He didn't waste his time fighting her he just took her out the fastest way he could.

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Thanos (with or without IG), Prime Thor (Post Age of Ultron and Pre Endgame), Dr Strange, Ancient One, Odin, Dormammu, Surtur, Hela, Ego, God Mode Star Lord, Power Stone Ronan.

Savage Hulk may be able to give her a good fight but his lack of mobility would be his undoing unless he can keep her down the entire time, Scarlet Witch again could give a good fight but her lack of durability would be her undoing, Thor (pre Ragnarok) would be a helluva fight but he lacks the power to contend with her till the end but he massively outranks her in striking so it’d be a toss up.

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Probably only Dr. Strange, Ancient One, Odin, and Dormammu. Possibly Hela or Ego (although she's said to be able to destroy a planet).

Thor could kill her if she stood still because of Stormbreaker but he'd lose to her nearly every time in an actual battle. She's faster, stronger, and more powerful.

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IMO only Dormammu, Thanos with Power Stone (or more), Surtur and likely Ego all beat her. Hela has a good chance with her regen too.

There are more who can win, but not for majority: Prime Thor with Stormbreaker, Ronan with Power Stone, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Ancient One, Kurse (mostly due to BH grenade), Thanos with sword.

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Dormammu / Surtur / Celestial / Ego /infinity stone users should be a given.

I think Thanos and Hela can still beat her outright especially with there gear.

Thor / Dr Strange / Wanda / Hulk / Worthy Cap(with Thors stats and full shield) are all imo in the category where they could have a great battle with her because her combat speed skill and feats are still subpar compared to her energy and flight showings.

I would give her the majority in most random encounters though anyone else below that level like stark etc are dead every time.

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Thanos, Odin, Surtur, Ego, Wanda, etc.

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None but Dormammu and Infinity Gauntlet Thanos