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Poll: What are your honest opinions on the Captain Marvel trailer? (50 votes)

It was bad 40%
It was great 46%
Results 14%
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It was painfully average and lol Brie Larson actually thought it was gonna break the internet

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#2 Posted by mrmonster (14164 posts) - - Show Bio

It was underwhelming. After I saw it for the first time, my first response was "Really, that's it?" It did absolutely nothing for me.

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#3 Posted by deactivated-5ba40b3bbbeee (35 posts) - - Show Bio

It's what I expected

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I was like... oaky

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it wasnt anything special

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I predicted almost everything in that trailer except for her socking the old lady (lmao)

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how do you expect honest opinions with only two poll choices?

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It didn't create enough excitement to get hyped.

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It was like I was watching a bowl of cold cream of wheat.

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It was nice not the best marvel has 2 offer but i think the skrulls are gonna make 4 some interesting fight scenes (& this is coming from a guy who doesn't care about ms marvel)

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Underwhelming. Looks like their going for a feminist version of Top Gun.

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Okay just okay but i like blockbuster cameo in it

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Neither bad nor great. It was okay. Parts were interesting but most of it felt humdrum and unfocused. I don’t think this reflects on what the movie could be, just on how unpolished the first trailer is. The upside is that there is room to improve.

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@jashugan: The poll is to get a general idea, the comment are meant to expand on them

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this is unfair....It was just a teaser trailer it's main purpose was to show you nothing.

but yeah it was trash, I find it funny how Brie Larson thought it was going to break the internet.

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It was OK. We only saw glimpses. Nothing to be overly critical about. We can't expect trailers to knock our socks off every time. The first trailer is usually for casual fans to wet their appetite thus not showing too much. The second trailer is more for the wider audience, new and old alike. That's when they'll show the attention grabber parts I'm sure.

I actually prefer this approach. Or u could do what WB has done and show a lot of wow moments already in Aquaman and by trailer 2, you'd think you may have already seen too much.

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#19 Posted by Kevd4wg (12228 posts) - - Show Bio

There was no real hook for the movie. Nothing that really grabbed my attention, which is something Marvel normally does very well.

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#23 Posted by EmmaFrostXmen (918 posts) - - Show Bio

It should have been better considering the hype around it.

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I do agree that it was somewhat underwhelming. I think a big part of that is because the best parts of the trailer were already spoiled earlier by stills and announcements--the appearance of the Skrulls, Fury and Coulson and Ronan and Korath reappearing...all of that would've been mind-blowing if I saw it for the first time during the trailer. For the most part, the trailer was just a rehash of stuff we already knew about the movie. The only notable exception I can think of would be Carol's Starforce helmet with the mohawk, but I've always hated that costume design anyway, so meh....

All that said though, I am pleasantly surprised that Marvel (seems) to be taking a more reserved and "serious" tone with this character. I was a little worried they would go the jokes-galore route of Ragnarok or Guardians to make a cosmic adventure more palatable to the general audience, but it seems like Marvel made a smart call to play it straight with Carol. I've always preferred the more emotionally-grounded MCU films compared to the more comedic ones (people tend to forget that the Iron Man trilogy really isn't as jokey as some make it out to be), so I'm hopeful for this.

But yeah, debut trailer could've been better.

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#25 Posted by AtmExle (393 posts) - - Show Bio

It was alright. I don't know if that's because I have high standard for Marvel trailers since Ragnarok and Infinity War or if it was just not great in the wow department.

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It was underwhelming. It was just missing this bang.

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You needed a third option in the middle.

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It was meh

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looks like a netflix exclusive.

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Nothing exciting. Nothing bad either.

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#31 Posted by deactivated-5bdbf1dc6fdcc (2121 posts) - - Show Bio

Shazam and Aquaman were better honestly

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#32 Posted by Amcu (15843 posts) - - Show Bio

The music is kinda nice.

Loading Video...

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Looks so boring.

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#34 Posted by Ready_4_Madness (14810 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh but I see it’s potential so I’m still interested.

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It was good enough.

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If I have to decide between bad and great, then it’s great. There’s much more good in it than bad.

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Pretty meh but I'm still counting on it.

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@yassassin: I suspect I'll fall asleep.

It'll make money cause it's a marvel movie and it'll get good critical reviews because it's a marvel movie that features for the first time, a female lead (by the way, I'm NOT hating cause of this - just stating what will happen).

Honestly, I hope it surprises me and is actually really good. But, as of right now, it's the first superhero movie I'm not excited for.

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Didn't feel anything.