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Howdy. How strong do you think some major Western characters if wuxia rules applied to them? Whether it's comics, myths, movies, and whatnot. Let's assume that chi cultivation is just a thing, and they can use their own abilities, technology, divine nature, etc. to further enhance themselves.

Wuxia rules: chi (or ki, qi, life force, vril, whathaveyou) cultivation, which basically means that any given character can train/meditate to grow far beyond their usual limits. It's different from "Western" magic and superpowers in that we tend to have stories that bestow super abilities on characters from a divine or technological source and that's the limit of their power. I'm guessing this is due to our roots as a Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic culture, which flat-out says humans can't gain the power of God/the gods without divine intervention (e.g. amulets, mutations, curses and blessings, talismans, holy foods and waters, magic robes, etc.), whereas Taoist and Buddhist philosophy says that anyone can gain enlightenment through their own study. In simplest terms, think of Dragon Ball (which itself is a parody of wuxia).

If you put both together (cultivation + "divine" blessings), who would dominate their respective universes?