Waynetech comes to the real world and sets up shop in Baltimore. What happens?

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A portal opens up and suddenly Waynetech finds its entire business and supply lines on the Eastern coast of the real United States. After a short adjustment period, they start selling their products across the world.

How does Waynetech do in the stock market? Do they displace any modern day business or will they themselves commercially fail? Will Waynetech be heavily taxed or regulated? How will the public react to Waynetech products and its rumors of Waynetech being used to fund vigilante activity?

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Economic bump.

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It will suceed, however since we are all wanting to go to a socialist system, the stock market will fail and workers will sieze the means of production and take over and kick the CEO's out of business..

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They'd dominate. They'd become the world's number one provider for military and law enforcement gear almost overnight.

And it's big tech, they'd be able to get away with almost anything.