Wano One Piece

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Here I thought to get some general thoughts on the arc so far.

It’s been over a year now (time went fast) and honestly my initial thoughts on this arc are that it’s been a convoluted mess with its ups and downs. This feels like Oda’s baby as it’s a stand in for Japan and ironically it feels like another manga entirely with the amount of information and backstory, side characters etc he’s put in.

Perhaps it’s me and I’m just stupid but I have no idea what’s going on besides Luffy in Udon mine, Kaido and Big Mom and Zoro’s side quest. I feel Oda tried to do far too much and the result is a confusing scramble and hard to follow.

That said it’s still overall an enjoyable arc with interesting reveals, I’ve avoided spoilers here but that wasn’t intentional.

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The arc doesn't seem that confusing to me (excluding the Japanese names, which takes a little to remember), and I really enjoy it. I'm also extremely hyped based on that last page of today's chapter.

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I've had very little interest in reading One Piece since the Wano Arc so far and have only really done so to check on any new feats tbh.

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I've found Wano to be pretty great thus far. My sole gripe with is really only the amount of things Oda has done off-screen and all the mini time jumps.

While I wouldn't call it convoluted, the sheer amount of things going on at once, along with weekly releases makes it a bit hard to remember everything that goes on.

What I do to get around this is I usually wait until a day or 2 before the new chapter releases and then I watch YouTube reviews of the previous chapter just so that all the info is fresh in my mind.

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Whatever this arc may have been till now, we all have to agree that the last bit of today's chapter is hype inducing:

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The names are a bit hard to remember due to the sheer amount of characters introduced in such a short amount of time but I think this is Oda's storytelling and worldbuilding at it's arguable best.

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Pretty meh so far.

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I've enjoyed this so far, tbh, what makes me wonder why Robin doesn't pay attention to Big Mom and her army, which will only double the threat to Luffy's alliance. And also Caesar Clown could help them against Beast pirate's poison weapons. why did they just let him go ..? Luffy's new Haki, Zoro gets Enma, Sanji's raid suit. Etc., I hope Jinbe and Marco or even Crocodile will join the war.