Wally West getting his own solo comic

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I hate what they did with Wally in HiC, but dam im so happy hes getting his own solo. Finally the best Flash deserves it.

Keeping hope they dont screw this up.

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JSA coming back and now this.

Good times

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Eh, not that big on Lobdell.

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Eh, not that big on Lobdell.

On the one hand, he wrote a great Red Hood and the Outlaws run with Artemis and Bizarro. On the other hand, he wrote a pretty bad Red Hood and the Outlaws with Starfire and Arsenal.

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@life_without_progress: From what i heard his rebirth run with the outlaws was great. The hate for him from what i gather was because of his new 52 run.

Also he wrote Wally really well in the special Flash/Speed Buggy issue. In fact i think he captured Wally a lot better than some recent stories with HiC and Flash War.

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I think Scott Lobdell could write a good Wally series similar to how I think Dan Jurgens could write a good Nightwing series, but this doesn't seem like a good set up to judge his talent by because he has to work with the set up he's been given.

I hope it's good.

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The Team that presented N52 Teen Titans & Superboy? Why does DC hate Wally now?

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Glad he is finally getting his own book, just hope things won't get even worse for him now.

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Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! This is exciting news yayyyyy

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@krasny: @aros001: I wasn't really a fan of his Superman run as well, tbh. It felt very by the numbers.