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Respect Ultra Humanite

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General Information

  • Name: Real name unknown; has gone by the names Delores Winters, Johnny Thunder and Gerard Shugel
  • Alias: Ultra Humanite
  • Hometown: Unknown; constantly moving
  • Team Affiliations: The Secret Society of Super Villains
  • Bio: The Ultra Humanite was the original foe of Superman; working as a criminal scientist. He eventually "died" but had his brain placed in the body of famous actress, Delores Winters. This would start a trend of Ultra Humanite using a variety of bodies to host his brain/consciousness, until he finally settled on using a modified albino gorilla to house his mind. Throughout his history he has served as a foe for the Justice Society of America and Infinity, Inc.

Table of Contents

  1. Origin
  2. Body Swapping
  3. Mental Powers (Telepathy/Telekinesis/Etc.,)
  4. Inventions/Devices
  5. Fights & Physical Prowess
  6. Conclusion & Other Respect Threads

1.0 Origin

Ultra Humanite first appeared in Action Comics #13 as a simple criminal/scientist, using his brain and various inventions to try and steal money and conquer the world. Unfortunately for him, Superman caught wind of each of his plots and stopped him, this led to Ultra looking for new ways to defeat the Man of Steel, which ended with Ultra obtaining vast mental abilities and heightened physical attributes due to placing his mind in the body of a modified albino gorilla.

  • All Star Squadron #22 - In the body of Dolores Winters, explains his history, how he swapped bodies, and a little bit about his plot to recover three talismans of power; which wind up granting him some of his other abilities. This history is accurate up to 1942.
  • Infinity Inc. #6 - Another telling of his history; explains what happened after he was defeated in the Dolores body back in 1942.
  • Who's Who in the DC Universe 88' #4 - A handbook entry from 1988; validates all of his Pre Crisis appearances as still having happened. His history remains unchanged after COIE.

In short; was an evil scientist, then mind was moved to the body of an actress, then it was in a Tyrannosaurus Rex, then a large mutant ant, and finally, the modified gorilla.

2.0 Body Swapping

Ultra Humanite is infamous for transferring his mind between various bodies each time he is defeated and/or killed.

  • Action Comics #20 - The first appearance of Ultra Humanite in the body of Dolores Winters, a famous actress.
  • Young All Stars #13 - The first and only time Ultra Humanite was in the body of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He didn't want this body, but got stuck in it for a short period.
  • The Superman Family #214 - The first and only time Ultra Humanite was in the body of a large, mutant ant.
  • Justice League of America #195 - The first appearance of the albino gorilla body; this would become a favorite of his and is his most common iteration. In his ape form he has access to all of his mental abilities and has physical capabilities to match Superman.
  • JSA #32 - Took over the body of Johnny Thunder and manipulated Jakeem Thunder into giving him Thunderbolt back, whose powers he used to take over the world.
  • JSA #37 - The brain of Ultra Humanite talking about his body-swapping and how death has no power over him anymore.

3.0 Mental Powers (Telepathy/Telekinesis/etc.)

Ultra Humanite has a wide variety of mental abilities that seemed to develop after exposure to an artifact known as the 'powerstone' which he discovered in 1942 while in the body of Dolores Winters; any of his abilities that aren't derived from an obvious technological background or raw physical power will be showcased here.

  • All Star Squadron #22 - Uses a mental blast to dominate Superman; also shrugs off a blast from Alan Scott.
  • All Star Squadron #22 - Fires an energy blast powerful enough to break through a mountain wall.
  • All Star Squadron #22 - Holds Superman, Green Lantern, and Liberty Belle in a mental shield/force field.
  • All Star Squadron #24 - States that the powerstone in his forehead is what allowed him to steal Superman's powers.
  • All Star Squadron Annual #2 - Had used the powers granted from the powerstone to pull Brain Wave, Psycho Pirate, Ragdoll, the Monocle, the Mist and Vulcan, Son of Fire, out from Limbo, from 40 years in the future. Threatens to send them all back if they disobey.
  • All Star Squadron #26 - Uses his (past and future selves) mental abilities (and a chronium capsule) to pull members of the JSA from the future into the past and brainwashes them.
  • All Star Squadron #26 - More context on the above feat; showing both the past-Ultra and future-Ultra working together; their mental abilities overcoming their 40 year time difference.
  • Justice League of America #197 - Utilizes anti-gravity/telekinesis to lift several people in the air.
  • Infinity Inc #2 - From the Limbo Dimension he's able to telepathically assault the Infiltrators and plants mental suggestions in some of their minds (leading to them going back in time as we saw in their All Star Squadron appearances) and KO's the rest of them whom he doesn't want to send back. Is able to do this without Brainwave, another telepath who is in Limbo w/him, knowing what is happening.
  • Infinity Inc #10 - Is immune to Obsidian's possession. Expels his shadow form from him.
  • Infinity Inc #10 - Fires an energy blast through a force field.
  • Infinity Inc #10 - Is equals with Brainwave when it comes to telepathic might; he exploits Brainwaves weakness (care for his son, Brainwave Jr.) to overcome him. This it notable due to Brainwave's level of telepathy in which he was able to manipulate the Spectre; sending him away from a fight via mental suggestion.
  • All Star Squadron #55 - Uses his power to create a 'Repulse-Field' around himself that sends back attacks.
  • All Star Squadron #55 - Hits Cyclotron with a blast of mental energy.
  • The New Teen Titans #38 - Has a battle with Obsidian; mentally blasting him in both his physical and shadow forms, knocking him unconscious the second time.
  • The New Teen Titans #38 - Uses telekinesis to re-make a space craft into a new technology; also KO's Starfire and Jade with a psychic blast.
  • The New Teen Titans #38 - Has a physic shield. Confirms that Starfire and Jade were KO'd from his previous blast.
  • The New Teen Titans #38 - KO's the remainder of the Titans & Infiltrators with a psychic blast.
  • Young All Stars #12 - Communicating via telepathy while in his brain form.
  • Young All Stars #12 - Isn't fooled by illusions.

4.0 Inventions and Devices

Being a criminal scientist, Ultra Humanite has invented some dastardly technological devices to aid his capers.

  • Action Comics #17 - Uses a device so he can cut in on any telephone line without any physical contact.
  • Action Comics #19 - In scans (1 & 2) we see an electric gun that KO's Superman; the (3rd) scan shows that he created a deadly disease that swept through Metropolis.
  • Action Comics #21 - Uses a torture ray.
  • The Superman Family #201 - Creates a machine that fires blasts of absolute zero at Superman.
  • Justice League of America #197 - Creates a device that eliminated all of the heroes from Earth-2; distorting reality and probability in the process. Teleports the Earth-1 villains (whom he tricked) back to their earth after the plot is finished. Had booby-trapped the transmitter machine he gave them so it blows up when they try and use it again.
  • All Star Squadron #22/23 - Uses various devices to give powers to three different heroes/villains. Them being Deathbolt, Cyclotron, and Amazing Man. Note; I couldn't find the on-panel showing of Cyclotron getting his powers, but it says that he was given them by Ultra in his handbook entry, so that'll do.
  • Infinity Inc #6 - Uses a variety of devices; a force field generator and some heat-seeking missiles w/laser guns. Sends out a sensor device afterwards to search for signs of life.

5.0 Fights & Physical Prowess

Ultra Humanite has the strength to fight with characters such as Superman and Powergirl; here are those fights.

  • Justice League of America #196 - Opponent: Superman (Earth-2) // Strength: Trades blows w/Superman //Durability: Shrugs off hits from Superman // Technology: Had developed a harness that sprayed Green Kyrptonite in a mist to KO Superman.
  • Power Girl #2 - Opponent: Powergirl // Strength: KO's Powergirl after a couple of hits. // Durability: Is unfazed by Powergirl's hits
  • Booster Gold #10 - Opponents: Superman, Martian Manhunter and Guy Gardner
    • Strength: Takes Superman, Martian Manhunter and Guy Gardner to hold him back, but they fail as we see Humanite manhandling Manhunter and Gardner in the background throughout the issue.

6.0 Conclusion

That's the Ultra Humanite; a super intelligent, super strong criminal who has vast mental powers and raw physical strength on his side.

As always; if there are any missed feats (or thing's you'd like added) comment or PM me and they'll get tossed right in there.

For more respect threads; check out the list below. I've made bunches and am always looking for more characters to pay respect to.

List of Respect Threads

Thank you & have a great day!

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He sure is. It was actually @beatboks1 who got me interested in the character after seeing several of his debates using Humanite. Could never find a proper (updated) respect thread for him so decided to do it myself. Hoping I did Humanite proper justice.

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Nice job. You included a few things I missed in mine on Ledger


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@beatboks1: Glad to see your seal of approval! I used your Ledger one and some of your old debates w/Ultra as research myself!

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Thank you so much for this. I've been trying to find stuff on this character and at the same time don't read comics, so it's been...interesting. Hahaha.