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#1  Edited By Pokergeist

This is my final Ultimate Universe Tribute thread. Of course it would be on no other than the Ultimates themselves.

Starting in order. Captain America. Thor and Loki. Iron Man and Warmachine. Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Hulk and Tyrone Cash.

Long read, Enjoy.

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Ulitmate Captain America

What can I say about one of my favorite comic book characters of all time? Well for starters he is a real soldier. Unlike 616 Cap, this one will do whatever it takes to win, including killing, maiming, or fighting just plain dirty. He also has superior stats around the board. He is so good at leadership that he becomes president of the United States! Ultimate Cap is the real hero we all should look up to as a standard.

His Origins layed bared. He was simply a Gimpy leg average kid who was made super in every way by the Formula and Surgery.


Caps speed like his strength and durability is clearly super human levels.

1) Cap dodges computer targeting AK-47 with no Shield.

2) Cap dodges bullets from Military.

3-5) Reacts and Blocks electricity attacks. He does this again for a Silver Herald.

6) Bullets dodging from 360 degrees.

7) Cap actually reacts and moves faster than the Bullet Tranqs from Hawkeye's guns! Clint clearly fires first and Cap reacts second. Great feat.

8-9) Cap Reacts to Silver Herald Electric attack after it was fired!


Also unlike 616 Cap, Ultimate Steve best attribute is his Durability. this guy can take a beating like no other.

1-3) Cap jumps through the Jet Wash of a Ballistic Missile, plants grenades that blow in his face, gets hit by the shock wave of a Atomic Bomb, and then crashes into the icy sea. Still lived frozen till thawed.

4) 100+ toner Abomination crashes on Cap Legs and flings him through a building, no noticeable damage.

5-7) Cap tanks devastating blows from Blood Lusted Hulk. still giving interviews and on his feet.

8) Survives a ramming Iron Man Suit that craters the earth.

9-11) Blocks a hit from Blood Lusted Thor, flew at super speeds through a buildings side, and finally loses enough momentum to crash into wall. He is fine.

One of the best things about Ultimate Cap is his Minor Healing Factor.

1-2) Heals faster than Bruce Banner calculated. This was after being on Ice for 50+ years.

3) After a brutal beating from Hulk, Cap was still giving interviews.

4) Caps healing factor as per WW2 Scientist. He even cured Vampirism with his Healing Factor. Nerd Hulks Healing Factor could not.

Cap also likes to free fall from Helicopters, planes, and buildings with no fear or injury.

1) Free Falls from Plane.

2) Free Falls from Skyscraper.


Ultimate Cap differs from 616 Cap in Strength as well. Fact is Ultimate Steve is just so much stronger!

1) Strength to blow back these Clone Assassins from the shockwave.

2) Curls 1000 pound Dumb Bells like nothing.

3) Pushes Ultimate Spidey to hi limits in a shoving match.

4) Catches a easy 5 ton Pine Tree.

5) Catches Ultimate Valkerie's fist with no problem. She is strong enough to lock up weapons with Thor.


Unlike 616 Cap, Ultimate Cap likes gear options. He enjoys military weapons.

No Caption Provided

He makes good use of them too.

Caps best gear will always be his trusty Shield! Like 616 he has mad skills with it as well.

Caps Shield is not Adamantium, many people believe this. Truth is it is NEVER stated what it is made of. We know Henry Pym design it to be unbreakable. Well, Valkery magic sword broke it. Thor later replaces it with a new Shield made by Asgardian Dwarven Smiths. This Shield was also shattered later. Who knows what the current one is made of lol.

Cap like to use Frag, Gas, and Smoke Grenades.

Cap is also adept in the use of Assault Rifles.


Like 616 Cap, this Cap is full of win in skills and tactics.

1) Cap's brain as explain by Bruce is genius level compared to before the formula.

2) Confirmed he is average Smart before the programmed, but that was it. Not a Genius. Not until after the program.

3) Fury exclaims Cap learns faster than a Computer.

Caps Tactics is so good, he single handily beaten the entire Vampire Army led by Nerd Hulk in one move!


Cap vs Super Soldier Nazis.

Cap vs Hulk. Caps first real battle. He fights and nearly beats Hulk by himself. Then forms the plan to beat Hulk after getting beaten by blood lusted Hulk.

Cap vs Giant Man.

Cap vs Kleiser. This guy has double digit ton strength and insane healing factor.

Cap vs Brotherhood of Mutants! Cap actually takes out Juggernaut, the one kicked through the wall, with a kick to his face in this.

Cap vs Terrorist City. Cap Swims miles up river, then takes on a whole city armed up Black Hawk Down style.

Cap vs SHIELD. This is a great battle as Cap is Tranqed up, fights off Captain Britain suit SHIELD agents, and then takes a Iron Man Suit tackle from hell!

How Tough are these Captain Britain SHIELD Agents?

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Strong enough to to stand up to these 100+ toner Liberation suits. How tough are the Liberation Suits?

No Caption Provided

Strong enough for a mere 2 of them to tip the statue of Liberty.

Now the Epic Cap vs Liberation Battle. All this happens within a few hours.

Cap vs Schizo Man. Schizo Man has Mutiple Mans powers and picks a fight with a Tranquilized Cap.

Then after being freed Abomination tackles him.

Cap vs Abdul. Cap in pretty rough shape fights a exact copy of himself thanks to Loki's magic. Cap wins. Cap then goes onto fighting Loki's Troll army lol.

Cap vs a Russian Super Soldier who been fighting a Prison full of monsters for 60+ years. Him and the inmates were all cyborgs made with the super advance Vision body parts.

Both battles with Silver Heralds. Silver Heralds are capable of tearing Iron Man to shreds.

Cap and Falcon take out a Mercenary Convoy.

Cap vs Black Panther.

Cap vs a Venom mimicking Ultron Robot.

Cap vs Sabertooth. Sabertooth surprise attacks Cap, and Cap still manhandles Sabes.

Cap vs Juggernaut. Juggs trash Cap tlll Cap gets his Shield and KOs the 100 toner.

Cap dies from the Tidal Wave in New York and helps Thor beat Hela's Undead Army!

Cap vs Assemble. A Machine with Thor, Caps, Hulk, and Giant Mans power. Assemble stomped both Iceman and Rogue, who has Juggernauts powers, with ease. Good old Cap beats it with one move.

These next battles are Cap vs Nuke.

Nukes background.

Cap first battle with Nuke.

Cap vs Viet Cong ambush.

After Cap gets taken down by a whole village of Super Soldiers made by Nuke, Cap is tortured for a week straight with no food, water, and Pints of blood drained everyday.

Then when Nuke made it clear he was through with Cap, cap finds a venomous snake and sucks the poison into his mouth.

Then he spits it in Nukes eyes and beats him down in this weak condition!

Next Cap will face Red Skull. Who is Red Skull?

Red Skull is everything Cap is, but better.

Cap takes out the A.I.M. troops with ease, jumping from copter to copter. Until he meetsRed Skull who trashes him. After this Cap finds out Red Skull is his son, and then he goes rogue on SHIELD.

Cap vs Avengers! He pretty much by himself beats the Avengers, however he wanted to be captured, so let them think they won. This way he can get intel on where his son is and kill him with the Teleport Jet.

Cap ends Red Skull who had the Cosmic Cube, only then later Fury shoots Red Skull in the head.

These Next few battles were done within days of each other.

Cap takes on the rebels of Texas who have a Nimrod Sentinel.

Cap then takes on California and Wyoming to unite America once more, ending a Civil War within a few days. It is then he has to face Modi, Thor's son, with the Mind Gem, and has Thor under his command. Cap owns.

Cap with just his Shield, takes on over 100+ armed Hydra soldiers that were trained by Nick Fury himself.

Well that wraps up Cap history before United We Stand arc. As seen Cap is one bad mother who has consistently battle and beaten 100+ toners. Respect the Ultimate Cap!

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#2  Edited By Pokergeist

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Ultimate Thor

Ultimate Thor is a bad***. He is proven time and again one of the biggest hitters in Ultimate verse and has many abilities that are superior to mainstream 616 Thor.This Thor history is near same as far as the legend part of being the Odinson, Half Brother Loki, ect. what differs is that he had to destroy Asgard and was reborn on earth as a mortal. His brother Bolder, gifted with Odin's visions, reborn as well guides Thor and with the help of Captain Britain family has a suit design to bring back most of Thors base God stats. They also make a 4 dimensional weather manipulating hammer. Later on through through Ultimates 2, Thor's god hood is restored and he is re empowered. However recently his God hood was lost again, sheesh, and relies on the suit again. Hopefully he will be re empowered again soon.

Strength and Durability

Thor has some serious stats as one might expect of the God of Thunder.

1) Thor takes a 15 minuet beating form Colossus, who Thor was trying not ot harm, with no injury.

2) Thor tanks Hyperion's best blows with no injury.

3-4) Thor is sent by Magneto to the earths Core. Does not faze Thor at all.

Thor's durability is very good.

1) Thor's attacks are fracturing the cement roads by good quarter mile in every direction. Tossing cars up with each hit!

2) Thor is strong enough to draw blood on Hyperion here.

3) Thor Strength can easy rip open a Iron Man Hulk Buster suit.

Thor is strong as well as durable.

Nuff said.


Thors speed reaction is also as fast as Lightning itself.

1-3) Thor reacts to Quicksilver speed bliztes, while guiding his Lightning Strikes.

4-5) Thor counters speed blitzing Hyperion.


Thors Hammer is where all his cool powers come from, most of them anyway. Powers like Teleportation. Thor Teleportation is followed by a powerful Lighting attack most often and this ability can traverse Dimensions and Multiverses.

1) Thor BFRs bomb to another Dimension.

2-3) Thor takes Heli Carrier to Supreme Power Universe.

4-7) Thor's non Magic Hammer can Teleport a entire Trisklion from New York to Iran.

8) Teleports Ultimates to another country after a preemptive Lightning barrage on the landing area.

9) Teleports Ultimates to Military Base after a preemptive Lightning barrage.

10) Teleports Heli Carrier fleet.

Best BFR feat was BFRing Loki's whole Army back to Asgard with a city wide encompassing attack!

His Uru Hammer has shown many other powers as well.

1) EMP Wave.

2) Lightning.

3) F5 Tornados.

4) Hammer Throws and Returns.

On the subject of Lightning, Thors lightning is very powerful. It even harms Hyrprion.

1) Accuratly Targets the Riot Police.

2-3) Brings down Hyperion of all people.

4) One Shots the Ultron Venom.

5-6) Incapacitates 4 Captain Britain Super Soldiers.

7-10) Yakes down a huge part of the Chituari Fleet.

More Impressive than this is when Thor destroyed all of Asgard.

A full charged up attack took out the Super Nazis, Ice Giants, and Asgard in one swing!

Thor also has shown some Minor TP ability.

1) Reads Banners mind.

2) Knows Phoenix Force is hiding in Jean.

Thor also is highly resistant to Illusions.

Here he easily sees through Lokis Illusions.

Thor also had a powerful power as of recent where he became the embodiment of Valhalla for all the dead Asgardians.

No Caption Provided

This gave him the best Spy network one can ask for.


Thor's Gear is usually his powerful Uru Hammer. However, he had to wear power suits at times that let him match his God Power stats when he was depowered.

One suit made by the Captain Britain family, the other by Tony Stark.

He also has many Asgardian Weapons. Only one Uber powerful Hammer which was imbued with Odin Force.

1-3) Mjolnir.

4) Other powerful Asgardian Weapons.


Thor also has shown serious skill as a warrior.

Thor cuts down groups of Ice Giants with a simple Iron Sword, Asgardian Stats, and Skill.

Thor proves his skill was only second to his brother Bolder.

Thor again with only his Asgardian Stats, thanks to being dead, faces the entirety of Hela's undead, Asgardian, warrior army.

Now onto the good stuff. The Battles!


Thor vs Hulk. Thing to note is Thor did single handed the most damage to Hulk out of the Ultimate Team combine. This is Depowered Thor.

Thor vs the Ultimate. This includes Cap, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Black Widow with Iron Man armor, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and 4 Captain Britains! Best part is this is a Thor Suit depowered Thor. Not even the God version Thor.

Thor has his God Hood restore and gets to beating on Loki. He beats down Loki,who has the Reality Warping Magic, then defeats his army via BFR. This is God Hood Thor.

This is a great showing here of God Hood powered Thor.

Thor vs Hyperion in a evenly match fight, Thor however does draw blood on Hyperion where Hyperion cannot draw blood on Thor. Hyperion simply smacks Thor with his ow hammer and runs off.

Then Thor gets ticked off and blasts Hyperion out of the sky as he is flying away. Thor beats him down and Zarada who tries to help Hyperion. Zarda is also near equal with Hyperion, Thor smacks her away.

Many people belive Hyperion was half power at this time due to Scarlet witch. This is false, Wanda has not yet cast that spell. Also Hyperion was not weaken from the Organism Gunk, his Kyptonite in this case, on his planet as Hyperion was fine being in the sky. Zarda who like wise is Hyperion's Female Equal was not effected by the Organism Gunk, and she was manhandled by Thor.

Thor then battles Unus the Untouchable, mismatch in power as Thor totally blew past his mutant power. Then Thor is BFR by Magneto into the Planets Core.

Thor vs Mangog.

Thor reborn from death, God Hood restored, and whips the hell out of everyone. Beating Cap, Hawkeye, Loki, Zarda, and Iron Man twice! In the end he simply stop attacking, he did not lose this match with his God Hood Powers at play like he did when he wore the Tech Suit.

Now this final battle is Thor vs Reed Richards and his Children. Each Knife, mech suit warrior, is capable of strength and durability wise going H2H with a Captain Britain. Thor trashes the majority of them till overwhelmed by a whole army of them.

Reed then uses the Children to destroy Asgard as well contain the Odin Force. This in turn Depowers Thor again forcing him to rely on the 4th dimensional Hammer, as he gave his son the Uru Mjolnir, and Tony Stark's recreated Thor Suit. This in turn also made Thor Valhalla for Asgard dead.

Well that is what I have on Ultimate Thor.




No Caption Provided

Ultimate Loki

To finish this I will also show Thor's brother Ultimate Loki. I will not repeat the Thor vs Loki battles but instead show the main powers and abilities of Loki. unlike 616 who hated Thor, this loki loves his brother, he actually hates Odin with a passion and decides on his Ice Giant mothers behalf to destroy Asgard. Afterwards he simply enjoyed messing with Thor's head until Thor dies in Ultimantum, then Loki did everything he could to bring Thor back.

Reality Warping Magic

This is the core of Loki's powers. He gains these powers it seems from the Runes which are in turn imbued with Odin Force.

No Caption Provided

What needs to be understand is Loki is a major Reality Warper and his feats show as such after the death of Odin, as in when Thor first arrives on earth.

No Caption Provided

He is a 4th dimensional being. You do not need a rocket scientist to explain 4 Dimensional Beings > 3 Dimensional Beings.

Also to note is how Loki can subtly change things and see overall what is happening.

No Caption Provided

As Bolder says, he can feel Loki changing things to his advantage.

1-3) Loki Increase Size.

4) Create Duplicates of himself.

5) Set the entire Sky ablaze.

6) Shrink himself and others.

7-9) Summon entire armies.

He can actually increase his Durability with it.

Taking Thors best hits with little damage.

He also can empower humans into super humans.

Like he did with the Defenders.

Very powerful Magic Reality Warper.


Loki is also a Powerful Telepath.

1) Breaks Master Minds TP power over Valkery with his presence.

2) Creates Illusions in Thor's mind that he is insane.

3) Communicates Thor via TP.

4) Although Volstag was there, Loki decided let Thor think he was insane by making Volstag mentally unseen to everyone and Thor himself in the end.


Loki also has major Skill.

Before Loki has Magical Reality Warping he relied on his skills with a bow and sword to beat Ice Giants.

His skill was considered third best in H2H.

Valkery was heavily train by Thor and matched his skill during sparing. Loki disarms her and runs her through with ease.

His skills with the Bow are even more impressive

1-2) Speed with a bow, firing 3 rapid shots at Bolder.

3) Tags Thor.

4) Launches 2 arrows in quick succession and nailing Odin's Raven out of the skies.

5-6) Kills Heimdal with a eye shot from a distance.

Loki powers and abilities proved a constant threat to the Ultimates time and again till Loki's current death at the hands of Reed Richards army.

Well that is it. Hope you all enjoyed the effort. This was by far the hardest one yet. Thanks again to anyone who likes it. Peace!

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This is awesome. No seriously, this is really good. The character which strikes me the most is Ultimate Tyrone. He looks like Luke Cage on Acid (Which isn't surprising since he as drug Lord). In fact, I'm off to make a Doc Samson vs Ultimate Tyrone thread :P

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#4  Edited By Pokergeist
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Ultimate Iron Man

What can I say about Ultimate Tony. Well, for starters he does not have a Heart Problem. He has a Tumor in the head problem. He also is by far one of the smartest men in the Ultimate Universe coming close to Reed.

Tony stark is very much like the movie Robert Downy Jr. He is very outgoing and takes little seriously. He is a flamboyant alcoholic which seems to help him rather than hinder him lol.

His Iron Man tech is also IMO greater than what 616 Tony has shown.

Strength and Durability

Tony strength can be increase to 1000+ ton levels as well Durability to tank Hulk hits pretty well.

1-2) Strength with his thrusters to help slow down a easy Million Tons of ship.

3) Lifts a easy 100+ ton bomb right out of the steel flooring.

4) Rips the head of a Silver Herald off its body.

He can get pretty Strong. To boost his strength further, he uses Sattelites that can beam additional power even through the deep ocean abyss.

No Caption Provided

His power Output alone matches likes of the Uber Doombot and Dr. Spectrum!

He is by far a true major player in the Ultimates.

Tech and Weapons

Lets look at what makes IM really IM. His suits Tech and Weapons.


1) Lie Detector.

2) Motion Sensors.

3) Radar.

4) Long Range Sensors that work miles away.

5) Radiation Scanners.

6) X-Ray Scanners.

He has Force Fields.

1-2) Survives Megaton Alien Bomb.

3) FFs of his Suits are Automatic.


1) Repulsar vs City Block!

2) Repulsars vs another guy with Iron Man armor pieces. Total Disintegration.

Nanites. Tony relies on his Nanites to live as well to operate his Suits. He can use them to heal or enhance others as well.

1) Nanite Attacks.

2-4) Nanite Shielding. So Strong that even his alternate universes persona Tech attacking device cannot affect Tony.

Now lets get into all the other cool gear and weapons IM has.

Genetic Destabilizer. If you modified your DNA, this attack will shut you down.

Mini Munitions, little bombs that can wreck IM suits like tin cans.

Suit counters speeds up to 99% Speed of light.

Jazzler is a voice command that activates a Electrical attack that affects Tech.

Ghost Armor that uses Phasing and 5 Dimensional trap space. Tony Reverse Engineers both.

Sonic Wave blasts.

Massively Hyper Sonic Rocket Bullet that has DNA Tracking. this thing out maneuvered and speed Ultimate Quicksilver who is near the speed of Lightning.

No Caption Provided

Chaff, pretty simple and effective.

No Caption Provided

Microwave attack.

No Caption Provided

Neuron Scramblers.

No Caption Provided

Powerful Missiles.

No Caption Provided

Software Payload to destroy your CPU.

No Caption Provided

EMP in a 10 mile radius.

No Caption Provided

Fast Assembler, allows you make all kinds of things as well ammo.

Other Suits

Other than the standard IM Suits he also made wicked flying fortresses. Heck he made a Thor Suit that would give Thor his original power base after Thor was depowered again.

1) IM flying fortress.

2) Thor Suit.

3) Undercover Armor.

4-5) Super Suit fortress.

On top of this he can remote control his suits as well.


No Caption Provided

Anthony is the name of his Tumor. It can also be used to hack as Anthony is a techopath.

1) Hack Bots.

2) Works Giant Iron Man.


Another benefit of this Iron Man is he has lesser morals.

This Iron Man will and has killed.


Lets look at some of the better battles of Iron Man.

IM tries his hand at Hulk.

IM beats Hulk in a grueling fight.

IM vs Rhino.

IM vs Electro.

IM vs a Silver Herald.

IM vs the Ghost Armor.

IM vs Herr Velsing.

IM fights these British Iron Man suits after his damaging battle with Herr Velsing.

Tony fights his lesser moral;s brother Gregory who proved in Ultimate Avengers and War Machine Suit to have all the tech Tony has and then some.

Tony vs Reed richards. when Reed was owning the Planet, it was Tony who came up with how to beat him.

Now this would not be complete without Warmachine.




No Caption Provided

Ultimate War Machine

Warmachine is piloted by the one and only Rhodes. Rhodes is a loyal agent of SHIELD to Nick Fury. Warmachine itself is Tony's brother Gregory Stark design. Base on Iron Man suit, however with more emphasis on killing. He was by far the Ultimate Avengers biggest hitter, well, beside Tyrone Cash.

Tech and Weapons

Since Warmachine has the same stats of Iron Man suit in just about every way, I will simply jump into its tech.

WM has assorted Weapons and abilities.

Cloaking. It is confirmed by Iron Man to have a cloaking device himself, Warmachine is the only one to use it so far.

1) Cloaks from Red Skull.

2-3) Cloak that negates SHIELD's sensors.


No Caption Provided

Decoy Device, need I say more?

Wm can also use detachable weapons that attack on their own.

No Caption Provided

Detachable Weapons.

Another major improvement is the destruction ability of those Repulsars.

1) Repulsars vs Cash and Ghost Rider. This attack actually KOed Cash for a few minuets.

2-3) Repulsar blast a whole middle eastern village into ruin.

Force Fields.

No Caption Provided

Force Field can expand to encompass a city block.


WM cs Cap. WM pretty much dominated Ultimate Cap till Cap forced him in a position he could not attack.

WM vs Red Skull. WM did the most out of the whole team against Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube.

Wm vs Cash. This is Tyrone Cash. He has the same Hulk formula, only better. Warmachine is fighting Hulk level foe. Lasts better than what IM did vs Hulk.

Wm vs Cash. Here is WM again trading blows with Tyrone, he does well till Tyrone starts hitting him with earth quaking Strength! Even then WM was still Battle Functioning!

WM vs Iron Man. In this beats Iron Man, then nearly drowns Cap. It took Thor to put him down.

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@laflux: I loved Tyrone Cash. Its a shame he died. All well.

The fact that the Ultimate Universe writers have the balls to kill off a character, ESPECIALLY popular characters, is what makes them worth reading in my opinion.

In mainstream, it's all about "how are they going to survive and get out of this one" or "when are they coming back".

In Ultimate, I found myself actually thinking "Oh god! Oh god! Is this their last comic!?".

Thanks for reading,


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I really liked it when Thor was just a crazy Norwegian with a messiah complex

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#7  Edited By Pokergeist

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Ultimate Hawkeye

Next we will look at Hawkeye. Ultimate Clint is the Ultimate Universe Bullseye and Hawkeye combine. He has a very loose set of morals, convicted murderer, and one of SHIELD's best Black Ops agents. His motto is "I never miss a shot." He really fits that description. He also has actual Super Human powers from SHIELD tampering.

Lets get this underway.

Super Sight and Twitch Factor

Clint has 2 unique powers, Super Sight and Twitch Factor.

1-3) Explains his sight, as well shows his ability to see Nick Fury through One Way Glass.

4) Nick uses Binoculars, Hawkeye does not need them.

5) Everyone else is blinded by the Nuke blast, HE is able to stare into it and see the outcome.

This Combo extends to close combat.

1-2) Targets the Tooth with the Homing Tracker Device.

3) Takes down Omega Level Mutates with one move.

4-5) Still making eye shots with Tigra all over him.

6) Actually manages to get the best of Sabertooth with a throat cut after being ambushed.

Extends to throwing weapons.

1) Pen through Interrogation Glass.

2) Kitchen Utensils.

3) Throwing Cards.

4) Glass.

Accuracy with inaccurate weapons.

Like this impossible mile shot distance at a target moving over 100 MPH. With a RPG!

Also it allowed HE to perform the infamous Fingernail of Death scene.

Killed a room of body armored foes with his Finger Nails!

With Guns and Arrows his shots are all kill.

1-2) Pegs the Ace of Spades while free falling way above!

3-4) Head Shots charging Maddox clone through all the chaos.

5-6) Spots his target among a army, and takes out Enchantress while riding high on a Helicopter.

7) With a Machine Gun takes out a War Machine Suit of all things!

8) Eye shots a thrashing Sabertooth.

9) Double Eye shots a troll while firing on more.

10) Picks out Spider Man's webs faster than Peter can sling them.

This accuracy in things also applies to his skill.

As shown here with catching up to Cap, using his parachute, then guiding them both down safely in a limited time fall.


This Twitch Factor also allows for rapid firing attacks with the bow.

1) 3 Shots near instant of each other.

2-3) Notice the 3-4 arrows right behind and inches from the next. Arrows from a compound bow can travel up 400 FPS! That is insanely fast to knock and loose that many arrows at a time.

Clint's speed is not always in the Twitch Factor. He simply moves real fast.

1-2) Out of 200+ SHIELD agents, HE was th only one with speed to get to the safest place with only 2 seconds to spare before this bomb blew, saving another agent too.

3-5) HE with guns to his head kills a room full of baddies.

6) Standard Bullet dodging from the Korean Military.

7-8) Black Widow is super human enhance with Speed, Agility, and all that jazz. She could not dodge any of HE's shots. She is not even injured in this hospitable, she was trying to lay low!


HE has some sweet Durability showings.

1-2) Takes a major blast, up in seconds.

3-4) His Team and himself are hit by Hell Fire from a Ghost Rider. Only one that lives.

5-6) HE gets pounded on by a Mach 10 Speedster, still ready to go.

7-8) HE is shot, drugged, and tortured. Still at the top of his game.

9) Shot in the shoulder, his aim is still dead on.

Hard guy to put down.


HE is also a very skilled Tactician.

He is Furies right hand man and leads all the Black Ops teams for Shield. As well co led the Ultimate Avengers.


HE uses his Bow, but also relies on Guns alot too. Other than Bullets he uses Trick Arrows.

1) Adamantium Tip Serum Arrow.

2-3) Explosive Arrow Heads.

4) Flash Bang Arrow.

5) Grapple Line Arrow.

6) The famous Nuke Arrow.

7) Bola and Taser Arrow.

8-9) Tranq Arrow.

Not to say HE normal Arrows are not clearly Superhuman piercing.

1) Arrow pierces Echantress, a Asgardian with insane Durability. All Asgardians have shown incredible durability to slashing and piercing weapons.

2) Captain Britain suit wearing Liberation soldier. Need I say more?

On top of this HE also has also used Tranq Bullets.

No Caption Provided

Tranq Bullets that are capable of KOing Ultimate Cap of all people.


Now we will look at Battles.

HE appearance with his partner Black Widow.

At the end of the Invasion, whos job was it to put down Hulk where a Team of Ultimates failed to the first time? Thats right, Hawkeyes!

HE puts down Hulk.

HE takes out Kraven.

HE takes out Toad and Rogue.

HE unarmed kills most of these Rogue SHIELD agents while shot up.

HE killing his Liberation interrogators and guards.

At the end of this he gets revenge on Black Widow who was hiding in a hospitable till things died down. All those enhancements and could not dodge Hawkeye.

HE battles a Venom Clone Cyborg with mix results.

HE having fun shooting up tons of copies of Multiple Man.

HE's ultimate showing in skill vs non other than Ultimate Spider Man himself. HE wins.

HE takes out the guards and then survives a ambushing Sabertooth.

HE throwing Giant Men of their game till SHIELD hits him and his ride with a Neural Blaster.

No Caption Provided

HE vs the whole Italian Mob.

Another of HE's best showings. here Clint takes on 3 Omega Level Mutates. The red one alone ripped a Helicarrier in half Magneto Style. HE beats all 3 of them while starting of Unarmed!

HE waltzes thru Korean Army like nothing with his SHIELD team in tow!

HE while being clawed on still helps take down the Defenders.

Over and all Ultimate Hawkeye is by far one of the baddest characters in the Ultimate Verse.




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Ultimate Quicksilver / Ultimate Scarlet Witch

These 2 are a pair. They were X-Men villains as main members of the Brother Hood. Then when Magneto was thought killed they became part of the Ultimates Black Ops team. Ultimate Quicksilver is superior in speed to 616 Quicksilver and Ultimate Wanda is just as powerful as here 616 version.

Quicksilver Powers

What does Quick Silver do? He moves really fast.

1) QS catches a .45, moves at 1100 Feet Per second, bullet from 10 feet away after it is fired.

2-3) QS moves so fast he remains unseen with no blur or nothing, and pushes a bullet thru Cyclopes head with the force of a Sniper Round.

4-5) QS moves too fast for people to see on the battle field.

6) QS keeps up with a special bullet that moves near his speeds and has Genetic DNA homing.

7) QS evacuates 20+ Brotherhood in a flash.

8) QS disarms and individually ties up a whole army by hand in a blink of a eye.

9) QS can easy outran the Hyper Sonic Black Bird.

10) QS matches Blur in what seems to them a never ending battle while whipping up a tornado.

11) QS tears apart a Dynomo Mech by hand! By hand! That takes a degree of strength.

Suffice to say he is fast.

If that is not enough he dodges some of Thor's Lightning. His Durability is enough to take Lightning in the back twice!

And moved so fast that this Mach 10 Speedster was tron apart on the molecule level to Quicksilvers speed!

He is fast. He also thinks faster than human thought as well faster healing.

Scarlet Witch Powers

SW powers are base on Reality Warping and understanding equations. She is quite brilliant to the outcome of possibilities.

1) BFRs Jean.

2-3) Unloads explosive detonators in the X-Men heads.

4) Reverses Colossus power.

5) Exploits flaws in Iceman's defenses.

6-7) Long Shot has Luck powers, Wanda counters it fully and then transforms him into a cat.

She also has simple Hexes that simply make bad things happen to whatever they hit.

1) Hexes Gun.

2) Hexes Humvee.

3) Rains Hexes on Wolverine.

She also has TK abilities.

1) TKs a Large Building structure.

2-3) TKs a Force Field against a army of 100 Toners.

4) TKs 100+ ton Ballistic Missiles.

5) TKs another group of 100+ ton Baliistic Missiles.

She also has shown major power in bridging time and universe.

1-2) Brings Dinosaurs from the Past to present.

2-3) Brings in another Squadron Supreme from another Universe. This in turns forces the characters with doubles to share their power, stats, and thinking.

She can also seem to prove in helping restoring Asgard from the dead and thus Thor's power.

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She also proves to Loki her power is great enough to restores Thor's god hood.

Scarlet Witch's power has been discuss as not even fully explored as of yet.

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She is by far the strongest member of the Ultimates.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

I really liked it when Thor was just a crazy Norwegian with a messiah complex

It was fun for a little while, however Ultimate Verse needed gods. It just feels lame to be Marvel with no Uber Powerful for real beings.

In the end he was a mere human with a Super Suit and is back to being that.

Agreed. The days when the UU lacked magic were certainly a novelty, but eventually all good things come to an end.

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Soooo cool. I actually took time reading all of this.

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Ultimate Hulk

Ultimate Hulk is just like Merge Hulk, however more violent and murderous. This Hulk eats people and gets horny over violence. Heck he took on Zarda in the bedroom lol. Not a whole lot to say here, Hulk is Bruce Banner's attempt at a Super Soldier Serum it failed and he turn into a more classic 616 Hulk, this transformation was not permanent and needed serum to work. Then he mix the formula with Captain Americas own blood, and then we have the cold murdering Hulk, also this problem became permanent for Banner who transform with extreme emotion now. Later he learns to transform at will and stay Hulk with some of his mind and personality intact.


Well Hulk has 2 powers. Strength and Durability.

1) Smashes a Sky Scraper in one smash.

2) Thunder Claps out a building on fire 100s of feet away.

3) Tossing around 100s of tons of Crimson Dynamo Mechs.

4-5) Thunder Claps Spider Man near KO.

6) Rips apart Iron Man armor.

7) Shockwaves 3 Speedsters with a smash.

1-3) Cargo Plane to the Face, Bounces away.

4-6) Center of the massive Magical Explosion, not even fazed.

Tanks Plan Crash and jumps off.

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Is Bullet Proof from Assault Rifles.

His Durability is so awesome, he has survived one Megaton Bomb, and then Punched a Nuclear Missile!


Hulk has one other cool thing, he adapts to any situation.

Hulk adaptive powers allow him to survive any circumstance.

This Include Telepathy!

Pretty useful power.

Now onto the battles


Hulk first appearance was his weaker and classic form vs Ultimate Spider Man. Spider man ends up playing keep away till he lures Hulk into a Fisherman's Wharf, where Hulk passes out from the Serum wearing off.

Hulk after having the serum combine with Caps blood and the Hulk we all know and love today. Beats down the Ultimates that consist of Cap, Thor, Giant Man, Wasp, and Iron Man. Took Cap thinking outside the box to win.

Hulk vs Chitauri Commander and then takes down the remaining Alien Fleet.

Hulk vs Crimson Dynomo Army and Abomination. Abomination is made to be stronger than Hulks first showing against the Avengers. Hulk at this point is a combination of Hulk and Banner and proves he is by far superior to the 100+ toner.

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Hulk vs Wolverine. Wolvie did not stand a chance.

Hulk surprises Tony with his adaptation powers to any circumstance. Tony is force to rely on one move to stay alive!

Hulk vs Ultimates and 2 teams of Squadron Supreme. Both SSs are at half power thanks to Scarlet Witch, however if Hyperion is a planet buster at half power, that is still very impressive fighting 2 of Hyperions, 2 Power Princesses, and 2 Dr. Spectrums. In the end it took a IW and Spidey combo attack on Hulk's breathing to give Ultimate Thing, who again is a multi thousand toner, to KO Hulk with his best hit. Very impressive.

Hulk vs Nightmare, a very powerful Demon of the Dark Dimension.

Hulk beats the hell out of Sabertooth.

Hulk vs Eternals. The Eternals are the other side of philosophy of the Celestials. Both groups are led by the Omega Level Mutate brothers Xin and Xorn. Hulk here faces a city of extremely proven and powerful Mutates till Xorn steps in.

Hulk vs the City. The City was trashing Thor and 2 Captain Britains. Hulk trashes the city till Reed intervenes with mind games.

That ladies and gents is the power of Ultimate Hulk. Hulk Smash!



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Ultimate Tyrone Cash

Tyrone Cash is a guy who taught Banner most of what he knows. However unlike Banner he actually perfects the Hulk Formula in pill form. He is a cold murderer and drug lord. Also unlike Hulk, Cash retains his personality and smarts.


Tyrone takes pills that give him the same Durability and Strength that matches first appearance Ultimate Hulk.

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This of course later proves to be very bad for your health once SHIELD tries to mass produce them. However you cannot argue with the results.

1) Tanks Warmachine's village busting Repulsars with no problem.

2) Tanks Warmachine's onslaught with no problem.

3-4) Strong enough to register a 5.0 Earthquake with every hit.


Cash vs Warmachine. Cash dominates.

Cash vs Ghost Rider.

Cash vs Warmachine and the rest of the Ultimate Avenger roster, it took Blade hypnotizing Cash to win.

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