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what would your ultimate team be?

what 20 (including yourself) heros/villians from any universe would you like in your team ?

what would there name be ?

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ok... my ultimate DC team...

Leader - Superman (Electric version, blue suit with lightning bolt insignia...)

2IC - ION (Kyle Rayner)

Parallax - (Hal Jorden when fighting for redemption)

John Constantine - (For mystical backup, kyptonions and energy beings seem to have a problem with magic. The constantine from the comics, not the lame ass movie)

Jesse Quick - (standard speedster on team, for those who don't know she also has flight and superstrength powers, not just her speedster powers)

Nightwing - Dark member of the team (for some reason i can see Nightwing and Constantine getting on really well lol)

Jade - energy powers as well as untapped plant powers

Hitman - (Thomas "Tommy" Monaghan) for the fight's that have to ended with a deadly outcome.

Lady Flash - (Christina Alexandrova) for speedster backup when Jesse is unavailable. she maybe a bit borderline, but i'm sure she would be stable working in a JL type environment.

Powergirl - (Kara or Karen Starr) Powerhouse of the team, kryptonion based strength and other powers (sorry, i know power girl from pre crisis on infinite earths, not too sure of her new backstory after the latest crisis)

Supergirl - Kara Zor-El (kryptonion backup for Powergirl and Superman)

that's my team... think it's quite well rounded with everything a JL team needs lol

and for backup...

Back - Supergirl (Goldenage, Kara El), Powergirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl II (Kara Zor-El)

Front - Jade, Saturn Girl, Strange Visitor, Engineer, Black Canary I, Batgirl I, Zatanna, Jenny Sparks, Lady Flash


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Post Deleted.

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my number one ultimate team.....

Cyclops- Leader


Obi Wan Kenobi




John Constantine

Anakin/Darth Vader


Captain Britian

Scott Wallace (constantine)


Plo Koon



Invisible Woman

Marvel Girl (DC)