Top 10 cinematography in Live Action CBM

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My ranking

1: Batman v Superman

2: Aquaman

3: Doctor Strange

4: Man of Steel

5: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

6: The Dark Knight Rises

7: Watchmen

8: Avengers Infinity War

9: Avengers Endgame

10: Guardians of the Galaxy

You guys?

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I wholeheartedly agree with BvS for #1.

I’d also put The Dark Knight right up there with it, cinematography was another one of its elements done masterfully.

I'd also personally put Man of Steel above Aquaman and Doctor Strange.

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Is this another thread where we're gonna pretend cool looking visuals=good cinematography? Just checking.

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What the hell am I seeing?

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@theinsufferable: cinematography is completely subjective considering the definition is “the art of photography and camerawork in film-making”

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@ready_4_madness: What I mean is, very often I see people mentioning good cinematography when they're talking about stuff that are actually a result of VFX or color grading and other post-production elements which are objectively not cinematography.

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BB , TDKR and TDK the best

Watvgmen , v for vendetta , Logan and Spider-Man 2 got solid on these. Also I can say spiderverse had solid vfx

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Aquaman was really good

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BvS, Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Batman Begins, Thor: Ragnarok