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this is the battle between 2 masters (or at least 1 master) on an open field, one mistakes and you are dead. Long lightsabers battle usually means either A. the battlefield have place to use force, jump on, etc for example: Yoda vs Palpatine, Anakin vs Obiwan or B. both guy aren't the master class like every Kanan or Erza fight in Rebels. I do wish the battle to be longer, but in reality, this is what happen.

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Rebels is terrible compared to The Clone Wars. The main characters are so annoying.

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Tragic. But the fight wasn't worth the hype. Rebels has been renewed for another season and I hope Vader kills all of the main characters puts an end to it.

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Maul should have never been brought back in the first place.

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I liked it, but the fight should have been a more epic one. Or maybe at least DON'T HYPE IT UP SO MUCH! Oh, this epic fight... Maul vs Ben Kenobi... Jesus Christ, it ended faster than Vader vs Ezra or Sidious vs Kit Fisto!

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@foxerdes said:


@lordwhiskers: I really just wanted one more epic fight with Maul.

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This are my thoughts exactly! Regardless of what role he had left, he deserves a better passing, a big final showdown with his long life rival, something to remember. A real last stand, and instead we get this?