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If you were going to choose a comic book movie, which one did you like for the characters and its story. Both are very underrated and don't get much attention.

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X-Men: Origins by far. Thor: The Dark World is actively painful throughout most of its runtime. Origins only really reaches those levels near the end and a lot of it is actually enjoyable.

I don't think either are underrated. Most people know about both, it's just that neither are very good.

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Origins because it's funner. 9 year old me was crazy for this film and I own it on dvd and digital rn. Can't even flaw it.

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Thor: The Dark World. I really don't think it's a bad movie, I genuinely enjoy it.

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I like Thor the Dark world. Loki and Thor were great together and its about the same quality as the first one tbh, as in okay.

X-men origin was just meh. The beggining was great, the rest was mediocre.

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Thor. C'mon, it's better to have a bland villain than whatever that thing was in Origins. While Origins isn't completely unwatchable, it's more flawed. Thor 2 was ok, but Origins is much more in the "bad" direction due to its more numerous problems. Has some cool moments, but that doesn't save the film from being bad. Thor 2 was just rather safe and underwhelming but had good interactions and acting overall.

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Thor: The Dark World.

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Wolverine was better because Logan was hot

Thor sucked and I can't watch it without sleeping

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Neither was underrated; they're genuinely 2 of the worst films in their respective verses. Loki was the bright spot for Dark World. Similarly, Sabretooth was the bright spot for Origins. Dark World gave us Malekith the Bland. Origins gave us Barakapool. Dark World was so bad that Marvel had to follow up with Ragnarok. Origins: Wolverine was so bad that X-Men never attempted another Origins film. I like Wolverine more than Thor, but I think Origins ruined more characters.

Thor: The Dark World is a slightly better film, but if I had to watch only one it would be X-Men Origins: Worverine.

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Tdw with a slight advantage

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Thor: The Dark World. Sure it was a bit more on the boring side but at least it wasn't bad unlike X-Men: Origins.

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I'll never understand why people hated TDW, it was a genuinely solid film...

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@magian: I would say it was both tbh.

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Probably the Dark world

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Thor is better.

Origins depresses me in it's badness.

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I agree. The visuals were legit top notch.

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@mr_shazam0920: Not just that, the performances were all perfectly good, the humor was solid and it had some esspecially good scenes like Frigga's funeral which was straight up beautiful.

Really the only downside I can think of is the villain, which was almost always below average in the MCU films up until 2016/7 (not counting Loki). The final battle could also be better but it was okay and that's secondary.