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Another glorious new comic book day is almost here! It's awesome having such a fantastic event every Wednesday, isn't it? However, sometimes this day can be quite a burden on the wallet and it's tough narrowing down the options. Luckily, Comic Vine wants to help you out. The staff has reviewed the complete list of new comics and each of us are highlighting some comics that have us legitimately excited. Once you're done seeing what we can't wait to read, be sure to chime in with your own top picks. Don't be shy, join the discussion.

*Some previews may be in reverse order*

Tony "G-Man" Guerrero's picks

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1

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Long time fans as well as new ones can all rejoice as Miguel O’Hara is back in his own title. Who better to write this new series than the man that had a hand in creating him, Peter David?

Spider-Man 2099 has made appearances in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Stranded in the present, he’s about to see how his past, our future, will come back to haunt him. He’s fought against the evil corporation, Alchemax, for some time but what will he be able to do as the evil is just starting to grow. How will this affect the future and his past? And it looks like someone is gunning to erase him from the current timeline.

Peter David is joined by Will Sliney and it looks like it’ll be a shocking good time.

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There’s no way I would miss out reading an issue of Scott Snyder’sAMERICAN VAMPIRE. But when you add in co-creator Rafael Albuquerque on art, it’s a guarantee that the issue will be spectacular.

In this current storyline, we’re seeing there is something even deadlier than Skinner Sweet and the American Vampires. Pearl finds she has no choice but to team up with Skinner as the threat is bigger and there’s no telling how they’ll make it through all of this.


No Caption Provided

This marks the next step in the life of Dick Grayson. While most of us would love to see a continuation of his life as Nightwing, there’s no denying being curious as to how this next phase will play out. Regardless if you approve the new direction or not, you’ll want to see what happens.

Dick Grayson as a spy, trying to infiltrate the Spyral organization does have a lot of potential. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this storyline. The creative team of Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin is also reason enough to pick this up as well.

Who is Dick Grayson? Looks like we’ll find out this week.

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Honorable Mention: DETECTIVE COMICS #33

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring's picks


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GHOSTED is back! Finally! I'm very excited for the return of one of my favorite on-going series. Better yet, artist Goran Sudzuka, from the first arc of this series and more recently from WONDER WOMAN, is back on this series as well.

This issue is going to delve into the history of Anderson, whose ghost currently haunts, or helps depending on how you look at it, Jackson. I can't wait to see how this plays out. I love what Josh Williamson is doing with this series, even though he loves breaking my heart by killing off characters I love. Catch up on this series now!

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"SURRENDER THE ARMOR OR EARTH WILL DIE!" That was the precedent set in the last issue of ARMOR HUNTERS, so this battle is bigger than just these hunters against the armor. The Earth hangs in the balance! I'm completely in love with the start of this event. We're seeing Aric having to battle someone that isn't just as tough as him. This is a group that has the ability to outsmart him. Writer Robert Venditti is crafting what's seeming to be the most epic story line for X-O MANOWAR so far, and I cannot wait for the continuation of this story, this week.

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Gregg "k4tz" Katzman's picks


No Caption Provided

The Suicide Squad has always had a nice grip on my curiosity, but this new roster has me especially excited! First and foremost, writer Sean Ryan and artist Jeremy Roberts' book has our our latest Character of the Month, Deathstroke, on the team. I can't wait to see how his personality will bounce off characters like Harley Quinn and Deadshot. And honestly, that alone guarantees I'd give this new book a shot. Secondly, it's great to see Black Manta will get some extra time in the spotlight. That villain is loaded with potential and it's terrific to see him getting some focus outside of Aquaman's world. Standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the most dangerous names around will certainly give him a chance to show off what makes him special, after all. This new group is sure to breathe new energy into this title and I'm very anxious to see how it'll all unfold.

Preview is from to USA Today.

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Justin Jordan has a new book with Image? After thrilling reads like DEAD BODY ROAD and LUTHER STRODE, you can bet this upcoming series has my undivided attention. Jordan has proved time and time again he deliver exciting character-driven stories that focus heavily on action, but now it's time to see how he handles a totally different genre: horror. Thankfully, it looks like artist Kyle Strahm and colorist Felipe Sobreiro are more than capable of creating a creepy atmosphere. To top it off, this new world appears to be loosely inspired by the classic movie, John Carpenter's The Thing, and if you've seen that film, then you know that's a huge bonus. Plus, Jen "MissJ" Aprahamian has already given this debut issue a 5-star review! You can read her praise here.

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Clever. Wonderful. Hilarious. Lovable. These are all words that come to mind while thinking about Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber'sTHE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN. So, when a new issue is on the way, it should come as no surprise we're most definitely going to promote it to infinity and beyond. This creative team's work has been consistently joyous -- it really is one of the most pleasant titles around. It's loaded with rich character development, creative humor, and a whole lot of fun. If you enjoy smiling -- and I hope that's most of you out there -- you need to give this book a shot.

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Honorable Mention: DEADPOOL #31

Jen "MissJ" Aprahamian's picks


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Fialkov and Gabo debuted this series a few months ago with a WonderCon exclusive, but for those who weren't able to snag a copy in Anaheim, it's hitting stands this week. Coming off THE BUNKER, anything that combines "Fialkov" and "creator-owned" is a must-pull, and I'm really digging what I've seen of Gabo's illustrations. This one's an essential pick for its curious premise and solid creative team.

CBR has an extra page.

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LUMBERJANES cemented itself on my pull list with the first issue, but it hasn't flagged one bit -- every month, it's a delightful read. With a bevy of fun, relatable characters, a quirky language of its own, and now a Buzzfeed quiz, this title is thoroughly enjoyable and definitely talkworthy. And the Lumberjanes badges? Definitely my must-have exclusive at this year's SDCC.

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Corey "Undeadpool" Schroeder's picks


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Mark Waid continues to redefine not just Daredevil, but his supporting cast WHILE building upon it in far-reaching, interesting ways. I doubt we've seen the last of The Shroud OR the Owl (and who knows what his situation even is at this point?) and though we've been promised the explanation of what ever became of Foggy before, this issue seems poised to finally deliver an answer to that question. Series regular Chris Samnee continues to bring his trademark visual style and, whether action, conversation, flashback or some combination of those, he's always a delight to see with his darkly cartoonish style.

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Carol Danvers' first space adventure has definitely had its ups and downs, but the downs have sadly outnumbered the ups (in terms of plot points, not quality. Quality's been up up up) as Kelly-Sue Deconnick puts Danvers through the wringer. But now she's rolling with a posse and she's ready to solve her problems with the Mighty (Captain) Marvel Method! I'm not sure EXACTLY what that'll entail as there are now more problems than ever before, but at the very least ONE of them can be punched. Much as Dexter Soy helped define the tone and look of the Captain's previous run, David Lopez has been absolutely instrumental in introducing her to this entirely new setting, and giving it a tone to go along with it.

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The Runaways reunion almost a decade in the making! Nico's been a background character since this book began, but I haven't minded so much as the developments we've gotten with the rest of the cast have been great, but if you're going to tell me she gets a whole issue to herself, I'm going to tell you "YES! I WILL be reading that!" Dennis Hopeless is reaching into the character's distant past and gearing up for a story that could only happen to her (hopefully solving a problem that a lot of Runaways side stories run into) and we'll hopefully get some closure, or progress, on the other plot threads. Kev Walker's visual style is hard to pin down, but I have a hard time imagining anyone else on the title, so I can't wait to see what else he brings to the story.

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Honorable Mention: GREEN LANTERN CORPS #33

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No Deadpool? Ouch.

Anyway, Deadpool for me and probably superior foes if it doesn't sell out.

I also read American vampire but in trade.

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Daredevil #5

Justice League United #3

Spread #1

The Life After #1

Preview for Ghosted #11 looks interesting.

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#4 Posted by dagmar_merrill (12701 posts) - - Show Bio

@jaken7: I saw that but I meant no Deadpool actually mentioned.

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Oh damn, I totally forgot about the New Suicide Squad, Deadshot & Deathstroke in the same team? Sign me the f-up. Also will be interesting to see how Harley reacts to The Jokers Daughter.

Still very skeptical about Grayson, but I can't not give it a shot, I mean come on, it's our Boy Wonder, and no matter what it is, trying out new things, can't hurt too much.

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Forgot Federal bureau of Physics #12 comes out this week.. I'm getting that too.

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#7 Posted by JakeN7 (15180 posts) - - Show Bio

@dagmar_merrill: I'm miffed about Detective Comics only being an honorable mention.

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#8 Posted by BruceWayne19 (45 posts) - - Show Bio

No batman or detective?

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Superior Foes week always equals a great week. Also for me, Armor Hunters, Deadpool, Detective Comics, Batman Eternal, and I'll get New Suicide Squad despite Joker's Daughter (still hoping Deathstroke has an "accident" and shoots her in the head). Also really want to read Spread but can't decide if I want to trade wait it.

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#10 Posted by the_stegman (40235 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait for All New Suicide Squad and Grayson!

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#11 Posted by DrellAssassin (1028 posts) - - Show Bio

Superior Foes for sure.

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#12 Posted by VanderSEXXX (975 posts) - - Show Bio

DAMMIT MY WALLET!!!! Jumping on board Spider-Man 2099, definitely picking up New Suicide Squad #1, continuing Futures End #10, and Detective Comics #4.

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#13 Posted by jstndmnd (1120 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor & Loki

Spider-man 2099

All New Invaders

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#14 Posted by Astro_Zombie78 (114 posts) - - Show Bio

X #15, Batman Eternal #14, Coffin Hill #9, Constantine #16, New Suicide Squad #1. That's it for me.

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#15 Edited by deactivated-5c901e667a76c (36557 posts) - - Show Bio

Just Armor Hunters for me this week.

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#16 Posted by AndySynn (89 posts) - - Show Bio

@2cool4fun: I feel like Joker's Daughter just isn't going to "work". So a part of me imagines that putting her on the same team as Harley is prep for an eventual final encounter with hammer smashed face time.

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My Pullist

  • New Suicide Squad
  • Futures End
  • Forever People
  • Justice League United
  • Armor Hunters
  • Avengers
  • Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
  • Batman Beyond 2.0
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#18 Edited by nappystr8 (1548 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man 2099 looks every bit as good as it's pedigree would suggest. I can't wait!

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#19 Posted by gmanfromheck (42524 posts) - - Show Bio

People keep saying "I can't believe ___ isn't on the list." We try to limit our selections. Otherwise we'd just include our entire pull lists. We're not saying you CAN'T buy the other comics you all know we dig. There's just some that rate a little higher than others for each of us. But carry on.

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#20 Posted by GraniteSoldier (12746 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Captain Marvel #5 for sure
  • Detective Comics 33
  • Maybe New Suicide Squad
  • Maybe Spider-Man 2099
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LOT of cool #1 issues out htis week. ANd I'm getting

Suicide Squad 1

Grayson 1

Life After 1

Spread 1

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#22 Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie (10331 posts) - - Show Bio

I might have to pick up Spread...

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#23 Edited by Teerack (10703 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait for Avengers Undercover.

So Dick quit being Nightwing? I stopped reading nightwing in the second year.

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#24 Edited by deactivated-5c901e667a76c (36557 posts) - - Show Bio

@teerack said:

Can't wait for Avengers Undercover.

So Dick quit being Nightwing? I stopped reading night when in the second year.

He left the Nightwing identity behind after Forever Evil. And I think autocorrect got you.

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#25 Posted by staypuffed (246 posts) - - Show Bio

Detective Comics #33
New Suicide Squad #1
All-New X-Men #29
Amazing Spider-Man #1.3
Spider-Man 2099 #1

Maybe Grayson #1, if I can be bothered.

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Superman/Wonder Woman #10 - My favorite series but Doomed has muddled it up a bit. Also Daniels isn't on art this issue :- (

Batman Eternal #14 - This series is really good when it's focusing on the Carmine story line. Also Fabok is on art. The best Batman artist out there. Would like to see his take on other characters.

Detective Comics #33 (Maybe) - The story is just ok but that art is freaking amazing. I'm not sure.

Grayson #1 (Maybe) - Interesting idea but kinda weird. Will have to see how it goes.

Honorable mention: Spider man 2099

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I think i'm only picking up Grayson #1

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#28 Posted by xblah_blahx (2893 posts) - - Show Bio

Judge Dredd 20

Spider-Man 2099

ASM 1.3

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Daredevil #5

Superior Foes #13

Batman Eternal #14

Amazing Spider-Man #1.3

The Walking Dead #129

Original Sin #5.1

and possibly Spider-Man 2099 #1

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MAN!! Very few i see here are going to give Grayson a shot. Maybe the mentality is to make sure it sells low so he can once again dawn the Nightwing suit.

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All-New X-Men #29

Daredevil #5

Captain Marvel #5

Spider-Man 2099 #1

Amazing Spider-Man #1.3

Avengers #32

Winter Soldier The Bitter March #5

Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #13

Fantastic Four #7


Superman/Wonder Woman #10

Superboy #33

Justice League United #3

Worlds' Finest #25

Detective Comics #33

Grayson #1


Armor Hunters #2

Rai #3

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#32 Edited by righteous300 (3975 posts) - - Show Bio

Forever People

Future's End

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#33 Posted by _Zombie_ (10572 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain Marvel #5's the only one that I'll be buying for sure. Spider-Man 2099 looks interesting, but I dunno if I wanna put money into it. I'll wait for reviews.

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#34 Posted by HumanRocket (11234 posts) - - Show Bio


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#35 Posted by mak13131313 (1601 posts) - - Show Bio

My pull list for the week,

1. Batman Eternal #14

2. Batgirl #33

3. Detective Comics #33

4. Futures End #10

5. Grayson #1

6. Green Lantern Corps #33

7. Injustice Year Two #7

8. Justice League United #3

9. New Suicide Squad #1

10. Superman/Wonder Woman #10

11. Worlds Finest #25

12. Star Wars #19

13. The Walking Dead #129

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#36 Posted by CitizenJP (782 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh my gosh Spider-Man 2099! I am ready!

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#37 Posted by timelord (920 posts) - - Show Bio

DC Comics

  • Batgirl #33 - Huntress and Black Canary should be fun.
  • Batman Eternal #14 - This book has really picked up some momentum.
  • Detective Comics #33 - More of the Icarus story line
  • Grayson #1 - New book hype!
  • Green Lantern Corps #33 - The final to uprising and the last issue of Green Lantern Corps for me.
  • Infinity Man and the Forever People #2 - I enjoyed the first issue of this will give it an arc.
  • Justice League United #3 - Kara is on the team now interested to see how she fits in with everyone else.
  • The New 52: Futures End #10 - Good devlompents last week I need to know more.
  • New Suicide Squad #1 - Re Launch hype!
  • Superboy #33 - One issue to go :(
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #10 - Doomed! A bit of a filler issue last week but man that final page :)
  • Worlds' Finest #25 - Back on Earth 2 and one issue to go before it is re launched as another Batman/Superman book.


  • Talon Vol. 2: The Fall of the Owls TP
  • Nightwing Vol. 4: Second City TP
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#38 Posted by derekvang (1519 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Red City #2
  • Shutter #4
  • Justice League United #3
  • Infinity Man and the Forever People #2
  • Rai #3

I'm thinking about New Suicide Squad and Grayson but still not sure, gonna wait to see if it's good or not

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#39 Posted by bananaz (27 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers Undercover is like a drug for me and I didn't even know these characters when it started. I love these kids now and things only seem to get more fun all the time.

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#40 Posted by 2chimcha3 (2303 posts) - - Show Bio
  • Armor Hunter #2
  • Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm
  • Green Lantern Corp #33 (Just for Uprising really)

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Aw yisss

No Caption Provided

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#42 Posted by sentryman555 (883 posts) - - Show Bio

Isn't Robin Rises: Omega #1 coming out this week? Or is that next week?

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#43 Edited by ULTRAstarkiller (9130 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow I must get Suicide Squad now!

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#44 Edited by manwithoutshame (659 posts) - - Show Bio

Just Daredevil for me

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#45 Posted by scouts1998 (646 posts) - - Show Bio

Daredevil #5

Detective Comics #33

Justice League United #3

Superman/Wonder Woman #10

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#46 Posted by scouts1998 (646 posts) - - Show Bio

Isn't Robin Rises: Omega #1 coming out this week? Or is that next week?

Next week, the 16th of July

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#47 Posted by kilowog52 (858 posts) - - Show Bio

The second Wednesday of each month has been a slow week for me lately. I've been reading Avengers digitally, so if that comes out this week, I'll get that digitally. The rest of my pulls this week are DC things. A couple of them I'm reading in digital format as well. But because I don't have many pulls coming out this week, I'm thinking I'll probably get the issues of both of James Robinson's series at Marvel. (Fantastic Four, All-New Invaders) I've been buying these when I can because Robinson is an awesome writer. These series are as good as one would expect something from Robinson to be. Anyway, back on the DC side, I was gonna ignore Grayson, but the sneak peek that was featured in the back of all of DC's books a couple weeks ago got me pretty interested. But I still don't think I'm gonna jump on. At least not this week. New Suicide Squad is in a pretty similar situation, except I've been more excited for this than Grayson since the getgo. We'll see. I think I might also pick up the second issue of Infinity Man & the Forever People

This week I am getting:

Batman Eternal

Detective Comics

Futures End

Green Lantern Corps

Justice League United

Superman/ Wonder Woman

Worlds' Finest

The fact that these weeklies are here now and that Detective got delayed a week both this and last month really helps beef up this week for me.

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#48 Posted by sentryman555 (883 posts) - - Show Bio

@scouts1998: Thanks. I was wondering why it wasn't part of anyone's picks.

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#49 Posted by kidchipotle (15763 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel Comics

100th Anniversary Special: Spider-Man

All New Invaders #7

All New X-Men #29

Amazing Spider-Man #1.3

Amazing X-Men #9

Avengers #32

Captain Marvel #5

Daredevil #5

Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #3

Deadpool #31

Fantastic Four #7

Nightcrawler #4

Original Sin #5.1

Origina Sins #3

Spider-Man 2099 #1

Superior Foes oF Spider-Man #13

Wolverine #10

Valiant Comics

Armor Hunters #2

Rai #3

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#50 Posted by Denn979 (69 posts) - - Show Bio