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Was the Rat πŸ€? Right? Was that Rat Loki? Did the Dr. Strange Send That Rat? Was That Supposed To Be A Nod to Mickey Mouse 🐭? How pissed would Thanos be to know his Ultimate Victory was undone by a rodent?

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Should make him an honorary Avenger and build a statue to memorialize his accomplishment.

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I was reading comments on YouTube reviews and people were pretty upset that the entire plot revolves around that rat.

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I never even realized it was the rat that caused the Quantum Portal to open

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Dr. Strange had to pick the exact timeline where the rat would come to the rescue.

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Imagine if there was a second way to win if Dr. Strange just checked timeline 14,000,606...

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I hope this Rat gets an MCU Oneshot explaining the Rat, it would be funny.

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The fact that a rat saved a whole universe astounds me.

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No rat.

No scott.

No time travel.

Russos mentioned in their interview that the rat was essential

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14,000,000 scenarios. Strange knew what he was doing. Same reason it seems very suspect that ant man was in quantum realm for 20 seconds and the three people that could pull him out got snapped during those 20 seconds. Strange knew what had to happen, what had to perfectly line up

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The rat should be worshipped as the saviour of billion people

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Yup, jokes on us

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The rat, obviously.

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The rat was Loki, yes

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The rat is Jaqen H’ghar.

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Disney himself had to step down.

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I agree with the majority.

The rat.

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more proof the movie was straight garbage