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Tell me what you guys think:

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Without tony and Steve I don’t see many more good avengers films. It’d be nice that once xmen and f4 come in for them to work with a captain America and iron man led avengers team, now we won’t get that. This movie sets up a lot of good stuff, but I wouldn’t mind if this was just an ending to all the MCU and reboot it with younger actors with fresh contracts. Idk really where they go from here as far as avengers characters are concerned especially with most actors reaching the end of their contracts

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New heros will be introduced and Thor, BP, CM, GOG will star

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Good thing X-men and F4 are back!

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The left over Avengers will probably stick to Marvel Plus. We know we're getting She Hulk and Kate Bishop out of it. The next few movies will probably be standalone films until Marvel is ready to integrate the Fox properties.

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I’m curious how long Hulk/Thor will stick around

Obviously the biggest question is how they will integrate the Xmen for me, the FF will come sooner rather than later

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Let it end

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Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Guardians, Doctor Strange, Black Panther

Secondary: Bucky, Captain Falcon, War Machine, Wanda, Ant-Man

Not sure how they’ll do team-up movies now, they might just release single ones to respect Endgame for a couple years. They have plenty of characters.

Obviously the biggest question is X-Men, they’ll probably wait 1-2 years for that at least since Dark Phoenix comes out this summer.

I’m mostly curious about Fantastic Four. Marvel can definitely pull it off and make it really good, they have proven they can make fun space movies and can make a wacky out there FF movie with crazy science (like Ant-Man, Ragnarok, GotG).

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Now that the Xmen and FF are back the future is truly bright for the MCU.

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Can't wait to see X-Men in the MCU. The only question is how they're going to introduce them, and where they have been all this time. That's gonna be tough to explain.

For Fantastic Four, it'll be an origin movie that could take place after the events of Endgame.