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I mean, seriously. "Flashy" costumes are part of the team's dynamic. Can we at least ask for Huntress to have some purple in her costume, and for Harley to look like...I don't know, something more than a hooker? I mean, Black Canary doesn't need a flashy costume, but the other ones definitely should. And Cassandra Cain should have body armor of some sort.

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I don't think she's becoming orphan in the movie so not sure why she needs armor? Pros and cons for the costumes but remember: this style won dc the costume oscar for suicide squad.

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Doubt those are the final costumes.

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Those look like the outfits actors try on for test shootings...it’s not the final product..

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It’s not the final product. They started filming 2 weeks ago.

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Some screenshots of the characters:

Roman Sionis / Black Mask / Obi Wan Kenobi
Roman Sionis / Black Mask / Obi Wan Kenobi
Helena Bertinelli / Huntress
Helena Bertinelli / Huntress
Dinah Laurel Lance / Black Canary
Dinah Laurel Lance / Black Canary
Victor Zsasz
Victor Zsasz

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Black Mask and Zsasz suck, but hopefully these aren't the final designs.

Otherwise, well, we're in for the long run.

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Why are you assuming these are the final costumes?

Even the first Aquaman trailer didn't have him in the actual costume yet. As the Birds of Prey images aren't even from a teaser trailer technically but rather a teaser teaser. It's basically the equivalent of the very first Venom teaser (also made shortly after the movie started filming), which didn't have him looking like Venom yet either. That was the later trailers.

I'm not saying I think the BOP costumes are going to be fantastic or amazingly comic-accurate, but patience is needed. Judging a movie that just started filming based off a few images isn't fair.

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Don't know what's the point of this thread. Seems like you're complaining for no reason. Harley will have multiple costumes in the film. So how about wait until the movie is out to judge everyone's look and not something based off a short teaser.

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This isn't even a proper look at their characters.

This is essentially a glorified photoshoot.

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Wait for the trailer

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Shouldn't Zsasz be bald?..

I thought Katheryn Winnick is going to be The Black Canary.. -_-

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Wait for the trailer!

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It looks like they're continuing with the Ayer aesthetic, big mistake.

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@entropy_aegis: The David Ayer aesthetic in Suicide Squad wasn't bad, it was just too dark and gloomy at times. The costume designs there were very good, however, these ones are total trash.