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Poll: The Best MCU Movie? (39 votes)

Iron Man 3%
Iron Man 2 0%
Iron Man 3 0%
Captain America: The First Avenger 0%
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 23%
Captain America: Civil War 8%
Thor 0%
Thor: The Dark World 0%
Thor: Ragnarok 18%
Ant Man 0%
Ant Man and the Wasp 3%
The Incredible Hulk 0%
Spider-Man: Homecoming 3%
Black Panther 5%
Captain Marvel 3%
Guardians of the Galaxy 3%
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 0%
Avengers 3%
Avengers: Age of Ultron 0%
Avengers: Infinity War 31%
Doctor Strange 0%

We'll do this again after Endgame.

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#1 Posted by Richubs (4909 posts) - - Show Bio

Infinity War.

And I'm a disappointed Ragnarok has as many votes as Infinity War.

I'd say WS, Iron Man 1, GOTG Vol 1 and Avengers are all better.

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Here is my list by order.

1. Avengers Infinity war. (thor entrance stomps)

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

3. Thor Raganarok.

4. Iron man.

5. Avengers

6. Captain America Winter Soldier

7. Doctor Strange.

8. Captain america Civil war.

9. Thor.

10. The incredible Hulk

11. Thor Dark world.

12. Avengers age of ultron.

13. Guardians of the galaxy 2.

14. Spider man Homecoming.

15. Iron man 3.

16. Black Panther.

17. Captain Marvel

18. Iron man 2

19. Captain america.

20. Ant man.

21. Ant man and the wasp.

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#3 Posted by Joker567892 (186 posts) - - Show Bio

For me it was Iron Man, CGI was on point(still is), the costume was accurate, the action was good, and the story was amazing.

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#4 Posted by mrmonster (15626 posts) - - Show Bio

Unpopular opinion, but Spider-Man: Homecoming. That movie brought me more pure joy than any other MCU movie.

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#5 Posted by Supermanthor (20361 posts) - - Show Bio

avengers and avengers infinity war for now

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#6 Posted by EmmaFrostXmen (2628 posts) - - Show Bio

Ragnarock was good, but not even close to the best

The Winter Soldier Stomps

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#7 Posted by Havenless (3109 posts) - - Show Bio

Winter Soldier is going to win, as it should be.

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#9 Posted by Ready_4_Madness (16630 posts) - - Show Bio

Civil War

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#11 Posted by APEX_pretador (21016 posts) - - Show Bio

IW/IM/Ragnarok in no order.

CW/Avengers/TWS on a tier below them.

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#12 Posted by PenguinDust (9196 posts) - - Show Bio

I don’t know “best”, so I voted for Guardians 1, because it’s my favorite MCU movie. Its rewatchability is very high for me. Other movies may be better cinematically and structurally, but if given the choice between two MCU movies, three out of five times I’ll pick the original Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s the “best” for me specifically and probably a handful of other fans who love the movie as much as I do.

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#13 Posted by PhantomRant (1393 posts) - - Show Bio

Infinity War, but I wouldn't be mad if Winter Soldier took/shared first place.

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#14 Posted by Magian (151791 posts) - - Show Bio

Putting personal preferences aside, I think the best one was either IW or the Winter Soldier.

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#15 Posted by superman52445 (472 posts) - - Show Bio

at this moment its Avengers Infinity War. but i love all marvel movies. especially iron man, civil war, infinity war.

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#16 Posted by adamTRMM (9245 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess I'd say Avengers because it's one of the few movies that made me feel so inspired back when it was released. But as time showed, it was just lightning in a bottle since nothing else was able to repeat its magic.

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Endgame will be pretty soon