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What did you guys think The Amazing spiderman movie?Seems like a few people on here hated it.

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The story was okay, the directing was very poorly executed (camera angles, splicing scenes together, lots of things), and I would have prefer a more creature/CGI blend for Lizard as some of his scenes were glaringly bad CGI. Oh, and it mimicked too many scenes from the original Spider-Man movie. You can tell the same story without showing the exact same stuff.

Other than all that, it was decent.

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I think most of them were fans of the previous trilogy. Nobody likes new movies.

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Way better than any of the Sam Raimi trainwrecks.

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The movie was quite enjoyable, I like that their focusing on other Spidey villains.

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Pretty good. It was definitely better than Spider Man 1 and 3.

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I liked it, but I do think it had it's issues.