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Well I had this whole rant typed up about The Amazing Spider-Man movie, but accidentally searched Spider-Man instead of tagging him or whatever. So instead of just laying out my rant, does anyone have anything they don't like about this movie? Or maybe a shorter list would be what you do like. I'm down for some discussion.

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I will be discussing plot threads and spoilers. Be warned.

Spidey typically holds the spot of favorite comic character for me. I love him through and through. Unfortunately, I can't really stand the Raimi films. I found most of the action to be boring and lacking, the characters not brought to life well, the acting poor, most casting poor (not JK Simmons, obviously), and they were also boring. Even though ASM seemed a little too soon after Spider-Man 3 I was accepting as it meant a fresh, and hopefully more accurate to the character, start.

The casting is fine. I can mostly buy that these are highschoolers and Andrew Garfield was a perfectly fine (young and modern) Peter Parker. The chemistry between he and Emma Stone was pretty good. Unfortunately the film slightly flounders because of several things.

1. The Villain:

Rhys Ifans is a good actor and could have played a fine Dr Connors, but sadly he didn't. Where's the emotional struggle? Where's the conflicts between him, a loving family man, and the lizard inside? Besides not having the best character design, the Lizard comes off as slightly boring and just your average monster bad guy. Opposed to being the Lizard while transformed he simply felt like a man without his inhibitions.

2. The Fights

Boring. There was some cool stuff in the high school fight...especially when you see that Spider-Man does fight like a spider. I really nerded out when Peter started crawling all over the Lizard and webbing him up. That felt like something spidey would do in a comic and I loved it. Outside of that, it felt really bland. This could possibly be the director, Mark Webb, coming through as he really only ever directed dramas before so he has no experience with what makes an action scene work and what makes it fun.

3. Origin Story

Seriously, we all know Spider-Man's origin. I know it would be hard to play on this while parent's death" conspiracy they are playing up...but still, leave it alone guys.

4. Spider-Man's Inconsistent Powerset

This could be chalked up to different things, but since its never explained then I'm going to say its poorly written. Spider-Man is supposed to be strong but he can't hold a candle to the Lizard. This seems weird for a character who is strong enough to lift 10 tons. Also, his spider-sense sense feels out of whack several times. A police officer from plenty far away can get a shot off on him moving, in air, and spider-man's spider-sense wasn't enough to help him dodge it? There's also the scene right before the bridge altercation where Peter hears the sirens and then acts as if his spider-sense went off.

5. Plot Setup For Future Villains

Now, I have no proof of this but it almost feels as if Oscorp will be the production facility for ALL Spider-Man baddies in these movies. Again, I have no proof but it really feels this way. I also have a feeling that we'll see an Ultimate version of Green Goblin...which depresses me. Maybe we'll get a good version of Doc Ock? Who knows, and my theory could be way off base too.

6. Peter Parker is an intelligent moron

Seriously Peter...in the internet age where everyone and their 5 year old son has a smartphone, you are going to take your mask off at every chance you get? Stop. This had to have been the product of Garfield's agent or something, but its aggravating. The worst was when he faces off against Captain Stacey on the streets of Manhattan. Why is your mask off? You can't tell me that the crowd of 100+ people in the background didn't snap a picture of his face or all the street surveillance cameras didn't grab a photo. Just stop it with the de-masking in public routine.

7. Unnecessary, All Around

Lastly, the film just felt unnecessary. There were no surprises, there were no shocks, there were no "first on film!" moments...so the movie just came across as a cash-in. I generally have a mood of "if Marvel isn't directly making the movie then it will suck" when it comes to comic book movies based on their properties. I wouldn't say Amazing Spider-Man sucked but it was an unnecessary and wasted opportunity. All the cool things they could have accomplished and it felt squandered.

I did enjoy the movie OK enough. The humor of Spidey is there, the costume is fine and kind of cool, and Andrew as Peter doesn't bother me like Tobey bothered me in the previous 3. Hopefully they can correct some of the ugly portions of the film and make Spidey a better character in the sequel.

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@Sammo21: I, myself, didn't agree with the casting. As young as these actors look, they didn't play true to the character in my book. Peter was rude and disrespectful in way that made me feel uncomfortable just watching the film. The okay-I'll-tell-you-my-secret-no-I-won't dialogue was annoying and when Emma started walking away from it, I didn't blame her.

1. The Villain

I agree with you. I felt this version of Connors was poor. He went from a perfectly (seemingly) rational guy to a madman bent on turning NYC into Lizard Land. Why? The writers obviously tried to have us sympathize with the guy, but turning humanity into lizard hybrids because it's better than being human? A villain wouldn't want to share his power. And what was that part about the animal side taking over or something? Does this mean that lizards are sadistic and evil, just unable to vocalize their inhibitions? Pretty ridiculous. Also, his creaure form looked way too much like Killer Croc. His constant grin was even upstaged in a three-day contest on SyFys "Face-Off", which is pretty ironic seeing as how one of the judges on that show was the make-up """"specialist"""" for this movie.

2. The Fights

The fight scenes were obviously designed for the 3D option at the theatre. Yeah, the high school fight was decent. And the cameo scene with Stan Lee was great. But that was about all of the cool factor. And what was with the sewer fight? Did Spidey turn off his spidey sense for that? Cause the Lizard shouldn;t be able to sneak up on him like that if Spider-Man perceives a fly in his Aunts kitchen as a threat. And how silly is it that during the high school fight, Connors just happens to find three chemicals, immediately know what they are, and mix them together to form an explosive? Sure, he's a scientific genius. But even with my knowledge of chemistry, I wouldn't be able to just eyeball some chemicals and know exactly what to do with them to weaponize them.

4. Inconsistent Power-set

Definitely agree. Spider-Man should be able to dodge a bullet at even close range. But far away? It should be a walk in the park. I think the only reason he was shot in that scene with the cop was to make the ending a little more dramatic. Poor writing.

5. I, too, saw this version of Connors as an Ultimate GG sort of character. OsCorp wasn't behind the villain in the third Raimi film if I remember the poor plot correctly. But other than that, OsCorp is obviously a hub for all people wanting superhuman mutations. I sincerely hope that the next movie villain isn't an freak "accident". Or if it is, I hope OsCorp isn't to blame for this one. I heard Jamie Foxx is playing Electro, and maybe Morbius might show up. It's hard to think of any origin for them that isn't an accident.

6. YES. He took his mask off all. the. time. It was obviously the producer or whomever wanting to showcase his face. I mean, he was running around a high school with his mask off. Obviously the police are gonna look at the cameras and know who Spider-Man is. And why did he wait until his mask was off to fight the NYPD? Isn't his mask supposed to serve a purpose?

7. I didn't like Spider-Mans quips in this movie. It seemed forced, and not appropriate for the situation. His humor was good for the most part, whenever he wasn't in mortal danger. Maybe I was so annoyed with it because it all seemed like a decision made after filming and looked like a cheap voice over.

I actually liked Tobey in the first three movies, but that might be because I was so young when I saw them that I formed my concept of the character around his portrayal. I think Andrew can make this role his own, but only if he actually realizes the character. If he hasn't already, I strongly suggest he reads the comics.

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I genuinely liked the movie, I thought it was better than the Sam Rami trilogy.

Though what I did not like:

  • The scenes where spidey took his mask off felt nonsensical
  • A few choppy editing scenes
  • The soundtrack overall did not fit the film
  • The Uncle Ben death scene felt flat
  • Thought it was weird that Spidey could barley swing with a bullet in his leg, but could compentley take on the lizard a few mins later with said bullet still in his leg.

That is pretty much all that i disliked about the movie, everything else was just dandy; I liked the cast, the quips, this interpretation of Spider-Man, the design of the lizard, the stan lee cameo and the action scenes,

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I too felt this movie was unnecessary. The casting of Spiderman was the only good thing about the movie. I absolutely hated the portrayals Spidermans ability to swing through NYC. The fx in The Amazing Spiderman (TAS) doesn't hold a candle to the fx in Rami's trilogy. Also it was stupid to waste the movie rehashing Spidermans origin again. I didnt see the point. And I didn't see why they put Parker in high school. I think a movie portraying Parker's college years would have been much smarter. I also felt the casting of Gwen Stacey was poor. I really was expecting a lot more from the actress. Rami's Spiderman was way better, even Spiderman 3.

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@xybernauts: I expected more from Emma Stone too. For someone that did something as great as her role in The Help, you'd think she would be able to flesh this role out a little more. But her character was just kind of annoying to see on screen, especially when she would stutter and gasp or whatever you call that noise she makes. Disappointing, as I really like Emma Stone as an actress. Raimis casting was way better. His actors looked relatable; not too pretty like all the actors in this movie. And I know I don't speak for everyone here, but I definitely think the role of Spider-Man belongs to Tobey. Andrew had large Spidey boots to fill and he missed the mark.