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Did anyone else feel like he was different then he was in infinity war. Like after watching Endgame I see how much he was holding back a majority of infinity war and how he beat Thor in the beginning in Infinity war.

I was wondering how he destroyed hulk and Thor but had trouble with Starlord and drax but now it’s clear he was definitely holding back. In this movie he was out for blood and Thanos bloodlusted or fighting serious is on another level

he didn’t even have the stones and he was kicking ass so I can’t imagine what a serious Thanos with stones would do.

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Thanos in Infinity War was all business, it was about getting the job done efficiently and as painlessly as possible. To use a quote from the comics, he was the surgeon who caused pain to remove the tumour but wasn't out to torture the patient. You see this in not only how he doesn't go all out against the Avengers but also how he "comforts" Wanda on her killing Vision.

Thanos in Endgame was a man who knew his dream, his vision, his entire life's mission had come to fruition and these bastard Terrans were all about stopping that from happening/taking it away from him. His quote just before the Trinity fight highlights this when he says he'll take pleasure in destroying Earth. Infinity War was business, Endgame made it personal.

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Thanos is a badass.

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Thanos in Infinity War was just worried about assembling the IG and letting it decide who would die.

In Endgame he learns he's doomed to die at the hand of the Avengers, so he changes his mission to wipe out all remaining life and remaking it so he can be worshipped as the savior he's always seen himself as.

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Even in Endgame he was holding back. He stopped to monologue instead of just killing Cap.