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Would Thanos with the IG completely destroy Beetlejuice, or would it just send him back to that afterlife waiting room? I mean, Beetlejuice is already dead, so it seems Thanos couldn't outright destroy him, right?

Also, what effect would the IG have on Bruce Almighty, if Bruce wasn't paying attention and Thanos tried to use it on him?

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Thanos (with IG) has control over all planes, including death. He's stronger than Mephisto.

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Theoretically he would only need the soul gem to destroy  Beetlejuice. He could also use the reality gem. Maybe the mind gem but I'm unsure on that one.

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Thanos with the IG doesn't have control over absolutely everything, though. He wasn't as powerful as the Living Tribunal, and I'm sure there are characters from other universes which would still easily defeat Thanos.

What about Bruce Almighty? Do you have an opinion on that?

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I always wondered, that when the Beyonder killed Death if it had any effect on the undead. They say the undead are neither living nor dead, but because the Beyonder killed death that would mean "dead" isn't an option. So did that event bring the undead to life??