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I have not seen alot of video game respect threads, so let me throw in my own two cents on Team Fortress 2.

Speed/Reaction time:

The Heavy says that his gun fires at 10,000 rounds per minute.

Yet in-game, the Minigun only fires for approximately 600 rounds per minute, which means that the entire gameplay is happening with a drastically slowed down reaction time.

Characters are moving and reacting 16.7 times faster than somebody would in real life. Not to mention all of them are able to track nearly all bullets. Pretty cool.

Nearly all characters in Team Fortress 2 are able to dodge and react to missles being fired at them. In fact, the Pyro has the reaction time to deflect RPGs back at their soldiers, an amazing feat, and believable too once you consider the speed feat above.


In the first video, Heavy states that he is carrying a 150 kilogram (330.75 pound) weapon that fires 23mm cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute. His body would need to be durable enough to not have his body rip apart from the sheer amount of force.

The Scout is capable of tanking three RPG's at once, even when badly injured.

Characters under an ubercharge are impervious to almost all forms of damage.

Also in-game, the world's gravity appears to be 1.3x that of standard Valve games (because in standard Valve games, 1 G = 600 units, and the TF2 world has a gravity level of 800 units, thus gravity seems to be 1.3x more powerful).

However, the gravity in this world must actually be more than it is in real life, considering that everything happens 16.7 times faster, meaning the speed of free fall must be faster as well. The gravity level could be around 5 - 10 G's. Keep in mind that the Scout, the Soldier, and the Demoman are able to propel themselves upwards and survive falls at this level of gravity for the most part.


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The Heavy is strong enough to lift a giant bear over his head at high gravity.

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Here's the Soldier snapping the neck of a regular-sized bear with ease.

The Sniper shoots arrows at such force that the arrows are able to embed themselves in a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, metal, stone, and wood.

Critical bullets are hot enough to melt upon impact with solid surfaces.

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The average Valve character is measured at 78 hammer units (78 inches), which translates to 6 feet and 5 inches. His height is also 240 pixels. Thus:

1 pixel = 0.325 inches

Scout height = 265 pixels = 7.17 feet

Soldier height = 275 pixels = 7.45 feet

Pyro height = 270 pixels = 7.31 feet

Demo height = 285 pixels = 7.72 feet

Heavy height = 295 pixels = 7.99 feet

Engineer height = 260 pixels = 7.01 feet

Medic height = 280 pixels = 7.58 feet

Sniper height = 285 pixels = 7.72 feet

Spy height = 275 pixels = 7.45 feet

Feel free to correct my math or post more feats.

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I got a really good laugh out of this. Props for working all that out!

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flagged. wrong section. hell, wrong website. take this to giantbomb.

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@kramotz said:

flagged. wrong section. hell, wrong website. take this to giantbomb.

Don't flag him? He spent time on this and you're a big meany pants!

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