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I'am unsure of where this goes,if it needs to be moved I will gladly do so

I haven't seen many tf2 threads prolly because nobody knows them(or doesn't care) so I'm here so show you people what this 9 mercs are capable of.This is my first try at a respect thread so forgive me if I make a mistake.

Well let me introduce you guys to the 9 mercs!
Well let me introduce you guys to the 9 mercs!

First to start off the list is the Scout

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His short and Quick Bio
His short and Quick Bio

Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people.

-The Scout

He main weapons are

The Scattergun: It is a short, double-barreled lever-action shotgun with a wooden handle and foregrip. Delivering ten pellets per shot.

The Pistol: It is a semi-automatic pistol sidearm with a hair trigger that fires bullets from a cartridge magazine.

A baseball bat: It is an aluminium baseball bat sporting a rubber tape grip, a faded green oval label, and a large dent on its side.

The type of ammunition is never stated,but the game takes place in the 1960s so can assume the Scouts weapons uses the standard rounds at the time.

The Scout is able to easily tank a direct hit to head from Bear (he was in russia so it is likely it was a Ussuri Brown bear twice the size of a grizzly bear)

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Next he one shotted the bear with a femur bone

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The Scout also has the ability to double-jump,although it is never referenced in the trailers,comic, or official movies.

will add more feats later....

Next "Mister Jane Doe" aka The Soldier

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If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!

-The Soldier

His Default Rocket Launcher unlike other launchers hold up to 4 rockets in a clip and 20 reserve shots total 24 shots,but the projectiles travel rather slow at 47 mph

His Shotgun is a pump action-style sawed-off shotgun,the weapon fires 10 pellets at a time every 0.6 seconds.

He also carries a hand-held folding shovel, also known as an entrenching tool or spade, with a splintered handle.

Using his RL he can rocketjump sure you can say it's game mechanics but in the trailer "meet the soldier(in case the video doesn't show up here) " at :57 you can see him rocketjump

Also this counts as a durability feat, showing his legs and body are durable enough to tank a point blank explosions with little to no damage and is able to use the momentum to reach heights or increase his travel speed.

In the Comics is able to casually grapple and snap a bear's(he was in russia so it is likely it was a Ussuri Brown bear twice the size of a grizzly bear) neck while naked and covered in honey

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Along with this he also has great pain tolerance

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

He also has stated that he went to POW camps voluntarily, then they asked him to leave the camp

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more feats later...

These two will do for, sometime later I'll add the other mercs.