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So I heard that both of these, along with Death stroke and 3 other titles are getting canned. Is DC getting rid of all wildstorm books? If so, that sucks. If not, do you think that they will ever bring back wildC.A.T.S or gen 13?

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old news. and yeah eventually.

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Why is this on the X-Men page!?

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not really x-men related but i'll bite. i don't think they're necessarily "getting rid" of wildstorm characters. they're no doubt going to try again with a new creative team after these books, which didn't sell well in the first place, get cancelled. with jim lee at DC, it's a safe bet they're going to keep trying their hand with the Wildstorm universe until something finally sticks and a solid readership is formed. it's all experimenting.

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Stormwatch is still around but it is getting sort of a reboot with Jim Starlin. Wildcats will probably get a reboots. Lots of Wildstorm titles that can be rebooted like authority, gen 13, wetworks, planetary, etc.

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Sorry, i meant to put this in the gen discussion. not sure why I put in the x-men.