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What are Superman's best speed feats ever?

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The one where he Broke infinity, Forgive me if I'm forgetting something, but didn't the spectre have to stop him because he would've damaged the universe going that fast?

Think in the comic he was chasing after supergirl, and was going so fast he literally broke the bonds of infinity.

Other instances where he travelled from Earth to pluto, and where he travelled from the edge of the universe after coming out of a black hole then proceeded to fly through black holes on the way back, which is an incredible feat in itself.

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@mad_jim: He once travelled “faster than infinity”.

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He and Flash created the statue-force in Justice League.

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Statue Solos

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My fav speed feat will be him travelling to earth from vega in a matter of seconds ( Distance between vega and earth is 25 light years)