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last night i saw a commercial for a live action Street Fighter movie. WTF... Next will be Tekken, (although I would like to see that) but come one now, when is this stuff going to end.

What would be cool would be a Halo, movie, or maybe even God of War, or something like that, but street fighter

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.... Opinions are opinions, Off topic btw

or just make a blog...

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street fighter movie would be awesome. if they did it correctly. i saw that M. Bison on the new movie has blonde hair and doesn't ever wear his red outfit with the hat. and Gen is played by the dude who played Lou Kang. and taboo from black eyed peas is playing vega! wtf.

a live action SF movie has so much potential.. but hollywood just finds a way to fuck everything up.

a live action Halo would be awesome, as would a GOW would be awesome.

If i could choose anything i say make a full budget epic Lord of the Ring style movie of legend of zelda: ocarina of time.

btw tekken is a wannabe street fighter.

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santeria_smith said:
btw tekken is a wannabe street fighter."

no Tekken is better that Street Fighter.
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