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So....yep, another respect thread folks! Another TFU respect thread to be exact, again...while the stories in both games weren't particularly great, they showed/introduced some nice characters/things.

Rahm Kota being one of them, he's..not my particularly favorite Jedi...but even still he's an alright of sorts and has shown some nice stuff, so let's get to it!

Respect Rahm Kota!

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He raised his left hand and with the power of the dark side unleashed a bolt of Sith lightning at the renegade Jedi.

Kota only laughed. Raising his left hand in a move that was a mirror image of the apprentice's own, he sent the lightning arcing back to its source. The energy struck both of them, hurling them apart.

- Taken from TFU novel

He redirects Galen's lighting back at him while laughing.

This time he pushed telekinetically as he came, attempting to knock Kota's feet out from under him before bringing his blade to bear.

Again, however, Kota deflected his Force energies back at him. Again they were pushed apart.

- TFU novel

Deflects Galen's TK attack right back at him.

Suddenly Kota was moving, charging with astonishing speed behind a furious diversity of strokes.

- TFU novel

He moves with astonishing speed.

More cautiously the apprentice circled him, slicing chairs to pieces as he walked and sending the glowing fragments at his enemy's head. Anger made him eager to attack, but he knew better than to give in to it. He hadn't been humiliated. He had successfully tested Kota's defenses. Now that he knew a direct attack would probably fail, he had to find another way to get closer to the man. Or to make the Jedi come to him.

Suddenly Kota was moving, charging with astonishing speed behind a furious diversity of strokes. The apprentice retreated with lips pulled back over his teeth. This is more like it! Green and red energies clashed as he blocked blow after blow and still Kota kept coming, attempting to overwhelm him with sheer determination and speed. The apprentice went back four steps, then stopped. He drew his blade close around him, forming a tight defense in deliberate imitation of the Soresu style that Obi-Wan Kenobi had favored. Realizing he couldn't penetrate it, Kota backed off and tried a different style-slow, deliberate, with sudden and devastatingly quick strikes. These, too, the apprentice parried, and when the old man's guard looked to be slipping, he offered strikes of his own.

The duel raged all across the control center, which shook and rattled as the facility around it broke apart. The apprentice ignored everything else-Juno's voice, the wildly fluctuating gravity, the never-ending explosions, the rising temperature of the floor beneath him-in order to concentrate solely on this one vital battle. Kota wouldn't beat him, but could he beat Kota? He had to. He would rather go down with the ship than break off and admit failure. Darth Vader's secret apprentice knew which fate would await him if he did.

The general was wily and strong and possessed some moves the apprentice had never seen before.

- Taken from TFU novel

He fights all across the control center against Galen Marek, noted as being strong, he switched stances upon recognizing Galen's Soresu, moving with astonishing speed and furious strokes, using moves even Galen had never seen before.

Before anyone else could react, Kota whisked the lightsaber from Starkiller's belt and launched himself at the Dark Lord.

- TFU novel

Before anyone could react, which includes Galen, he takes his lightsaber and charges at Vader.

"No!" Kota's voice came as though from a great distance. The apprentice noted, as though viewing the world in slow motion, the Jedi Master telekinetically snatching the Emperor's lightsaber from his waist and, with a surety belying his physical blindness, using it to cut down the Imperial Guards watching the prisoners.

- TFU novel

He Force Pulls Palps' lightsaber to him and cuts down the Imperial Guards watching the prisoners.

Green light flashed. More blood. Severed limbs fell onto the dirt. The crowd roared.

General Rahm Kota, leaning back on his heels, breathing heavily, surrounded by a ring of corpses. How long had he been fighting now? Six days? Seven? Fatigue was taking its toll. With every wave he came closer to making a mistake-and when that happened, it would all finally be over.

- TFU 2 novel

Here he had been fighting for a week straight without rest, against waves of different opponents in an arena on Cato Naimoidia.

The Krayt Dragon ladies and gentleman, place your bets! And what of its foe? What fresh meat have we prepared for the killing today? Well there can be few as worthy of facing such a beast as....Rham Kota! General of the Clone Wars.

- TFU 2 Databank

On his 1st day in the arena, Kota fought and killed a Krayt Dragon.

General Kota was in dire condition upon his arrival in medical bay 6. Our intial examination revealed the following injuries.

- 17 fractured bones

- 14 class 3 lacerations

- 6 class 2 lacerations

- 2 class 4 lacerations

- Moderate abdominal hemorrhaging

- Severe concussion

- 5 missing teeth

While the General is expected to make a full recovery. I suspect he was never in any real danger, he seemed cognizant and fully in control of his faculties during every procedure. While I don't purport to have any understanding of the Force, it remains my only explanation for the General's astonishing resilience.

- TFU 2 databank

He had all these injures, yet was still in control, was never in any real danger thanks to the Force. Impressive he was able to move and fight with all those injures still.

Kota rushed forward, sensing directly through the Force and therefore unimpaired by lack of light or visual distractions.

- TFU 2 novel

He isn't hindered while being blind, obvious but just pointing it out.

Trio of Imperial stormtroopers who had formed a barricade across a major intersection. Wind whistled around them: Clearly shields and self-repair facilities hadn't quite sealed off the breach formed by the ramming ship. Flecks of ash and soot swirled in short-lived eddies as Kota ran boldly toward the barricade, deflecting every shot that came at him back to the person who fired it. White-armored limbs flailed as the troopers went down. Starkiller waved for the Alliance soldiers to secure the position while he and the general carried on toward the bridge.

- TFU 2 novel

Deflects every blaster shot, shot at him from a trio of Stormtroopers.

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He is a user of the lightsaber form Juyo.


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Here Kota rips off the command center to the TIE construction facility.

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Just a visual representation of the arena feat, showing giant creatures/combatants all of varying species.

Here Kota helps X2 on Geonosis.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Collapses a large pillar.


Well there ya have it, Rham Kota folks!

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Not bad.

It's your respect thread, so you can choose what to do with it, but personally, I'm not that keen on putting GIFs in spoilers, since it is, after all, a respect thread, so it's intended to be long and in-depth.

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Very good job. But to be honest, this make Boba Fett stomping/1 shotting him even more impressive. lol

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Nice, Kota really needed one of these and I'd been hoping to find one. Good job as usual Wolf.

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huh, nicely done, I used to think his fight with Galen was all he had, but now i've gained a new found respect for him. Job well done man.

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I'd forgotten he had ripped off the command center from the facility. Pretty impressive.

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Good thread about a very cool Jedo! :)

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Collapses a 30 x 10 ( feet ) metal pillar and blitzes stormtroopers.

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Got some feats for ya.

Kota helps X2 on Geonosis.

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Kota was a punk. Nice thread tho.